Education‘Babysitting’ vs Research-Based Early-Learning

August 14, 2020

What is the True Cost to Your Child’s Future?

Parents, if there were an early-learning centre that nurtured your child to be a champion, in school and in life, would that be of interest to you? Have you been looking for a preschool that truly develops your child’s mind, rather than just babysitting?

Like you, Heidi was a busy mum who wanted a centre that would truly educate – and not just babysit – her two precious little ones.

She knew that the latest research shows how critical it is to give children the right learning environment – one that is supported by a strong research-based curriculum – but could not find it anywhere in Australia.

Almost giving up, she was excited, while at a business conference overseas, to finally find MindChamps.

Founded as a research centre in Sydney 1998, MindChamps is the only early childhood model that has, as part of its expert research and development team, world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Allan Snyder FRS, the founder of the famous Centre for the Mind at Sydney University and the ANU. After years of intensive research, they tested their revolutionary, 3-Mind Model of education in Singapore, a country highly regarded as a world leader in educational standards and performance.

The good news is that MindChamps – hailed as the new global early-learning movement and often described as the modern alternative to the over-100-year-old Montessori approach – has now returned to Sydney!

Heidi shares: “My husband and I were excited that at last we had found, in the MindChamps education model, exactly what we were looking for. MindChamps ticked every box on our wish-list and offered so much more, that we immediately wanted to bring it home so that our own kids could benefit from it.”

Heidi and Adam, flew to Singapore to meet MindChamps founder David Chiem (an Australian himself), to convince him that they were the ideal team to run their own MindChamps Early Learning & Preschool in Sydney.

The rest, as they say is history. After running their first successful centre in Annandale, they now own their second MindChamps centre in Frenches Forest.

So, parents, you owe it to yourself and to your kids to investigate why Heidi and Adam took such actions for their own kids. Book a visit to their purpose-built, state-of-the-art, $7 million Frenches Forest centre and get a personal tour, with Heidi.

Life is demanding and busy, and if, like Heidi, you worry about what is happening during the thousands of hours during which your child will be at a centre, worry no more.

Instead of merely being ‘babysat’ during this critical period of their development, children can have their minds nurtured and developed the way the latest research recommends – through a child-centred, play-learning environment that is both experiential and engaging.

Talk personally to Heidi to see why she is so passionate – and be sure to ask her to share with you the importance of the unique MindChamps Reading and Literacy Programme, which is just one of the many unique programmes, available only at a MindChamps centre, designed to give your child ‘the edge’ in Primary school and beyond, by creating, an enthusiastic, life-long learner. These programmes are so unique that teachers must go through special training in order to qualify to teach them.

Many busy parents – like Heidi – realise that you cannot afford to settle for the current norm that ‘babysitting’ is good enough. Like her, you can discover that there is a better way available to nurture the natural development of your precious little one, to help them become their own ‘champion’ – in school and in life.


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