NewsMindChamps @ Broadway Gets a Fresh New Look!

April 6, 2019

Our Broadway Centre, situated right in the heart of the busy Broadway Shopping Mall, has always been the perfect choice for families living in and around the area looking for the best in quality child care.

Now, our fantastic centre has undergone a range of exciting updates and improvements to help make the environment even more engaging and inspirational for our young Champs.

The environment at Broadway Early Learning Centre

Each of our rooms (nursery, toddler and preschool) have been arranged into new learning zones, creating defined areas for Champs to enjoy different activities in. From the Home Corner to the Reading Area and the Construction Zone, Champs can now choose where they want to be at any one time and engage in self-initiated learning. From developing their fine motor skills to books or art, our champs are spoilt for choice!

 “It is amazing to see how the changes to the rooms have made such a difference to the energy in the rooms and the Champs’ behaviour in such a short time. Champs are so settled, happy and engaged in all the different zones and activities – they are really loving the change!”
Sophia Russell (Room Leader, Nursery Room)

Newly created Learning Zones open up the space and give dedicated areas for different activities

New Resources, Toys and Furniture

Each of the rooms have had their toys and resources replenished and updated with a range of enticing new toys and activities, from brand new dolls, to magnetic blocks, our Champs are so enjoying trying out all the new items. You will also see lots of natural items and plants to help bring the outdoors in and to soften the environment.

Our furniture has also been replaced, including brand new tables and chairs throughout and new storage boxes for our new toys. Along with the newly polished floor and the new parent bulletin and display boards, the centre is really looking great!

Beautiful new tables, chairs and shelves give a home from home feel

Even our amazing outdoor area has not escaped the updates, with some brand-new features including goal posts and soccer balls for our little budding soccer stars, a top-up of sand in the sand-pit, and some new gardens for champs to nurture their green fingers.

The Champs are loving their new outdoor resources!

Champs’ Artwork and Room Displays

The rooms have been transformed into a creative wonderland, with the walls adorned with beautiful artworks and photographs of different projects and interests. Our Champs are so enjoying showing the work to their parents and we are loving seeing the communication with parents asking about the activities, and the pride in our champs as they talk about their work! Keep your eyes peeled for new artworks and projects as they go up – our displays will continually evolve and change in line with the Champs’ ever-changing interests and focus.

Nicolette Di-Mauro, MindChamps Area Director, has been stationed at Broadway for a few weeks whilst the upgrades have taken place. Asked about the artwork changes, she said:

“We have adjusted our practices so that we can display and showcase our Champs’ work in a meaningful way. The blurbs next to the artwork link back to the curriculum and the pedagogy so that parents can easily see what it’s about. Our feedback from the parents and families has been so positive, and we are so enjoying seeing the interaction in the community at pick-up and drop-off times!”

As well as areas of interest like insects and plants, you will also see displays on our MindChamps Values – from Compassion to Creativity and Confidence, our educational approach focuses on important values to help nurture the champions of the future. As you are looking at the artwork, be sure to read the summaries displayed alongside, so that you can find out how the work relates to the EYLF and our core curriculum at the centre.

Champs are so proud of their artworks on display in the rooms!
10 Values of a MindChampion in action and on display in our walls!

Kai Krishnaveni has been visiting from our Singapore office to help the local team to make these amazing updates to the environment. Asked what she thinks of the new improved spaces, Kai said:

“It has been so exciting to see the teams and champs working on the new displays over the last few weeks. They have worked so hard and now the centre is lively, buzzing and full of creative energy. The space reflects a blend of the educators’ individual philosophy and our own MindChamps culture coming alive. We respect and honour the Champs’ thinking and ideas and represent their individuality for all to see and enjoy. I look forward to my next visit to see how the journey continues to grow at Broadway!”

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