“Our family has a long history with MindChamps Early Learning Centre. My daughter started at Cherrybrook a year ago and she is really enjoying it. She has made some really close friends and she keeps talking about them at home all the time. She is even teaching us new songs that she learnt at preschool. I’d like to thank the wonderful teachers that we are fortunate to have at MindChamps — they have always been very kind, loving and helpful.”

Mother at Cherrybrook

“Our daughter has been at the Broadway centre since just before she turned a year old and the Educarers there has been an integral part of her development. She is learning to be an intelligent, thoughtful, creative and respectful young person who loves drawing on her experiences from the centre when she is outside of daycare. She has an excellent rapport with her fellow Champs and Educarers and we couldn’t be happier with the care and education she is receiving.”

Micah and Hue,
Parents at Broadway

“What makes MindChamps stand out for me personally is the highest standard of care it provides to my two children. The staff are very mature and highly experienced and have genuine interests in the well-being of children. Over the years, my daughter and son have formed strong bonds with their carers, and through such bonding, learning has become a fun part of their daily life”

Parent at Eastwood

“My husband and I are very grateful for this wonderful school. Our kids do not speak English as a first language and despite the language barrier, they absolutely love going to school. They are always coming home with new words, phrases and songs learned at school. Indeed, my children’s happiness at school could not be possible without the love, care and devotion of each and every teacher.”

Parent at MindChamps Hornsby