3 Ways To Turn Fun Into Learning Adventures During The School Holidays in Singapore

September 21, 2022

We know how much your child looks forward to fun activities during the school holidays. As parents, you might feel that a balance of study and play is necessary, and you’re not wrong. After all, studying over the holidays keeps your child’s brain muscles meaningfully active, while games pique their interests and expose them to new ideas and experiences.

That said, there are also many ways to turn a fun activity into a learning adventure, some of which we’ve compiled below. If you’re looking for more ideas to occupy your child’s time in Singapore, whether during the September school holidays or a long weekend, these ideas will surely inspire you.

1. Dive Into The World Of Plants At The Singapore Botanical Gardens

Take the family out to the Singapore Botanical Gardens over the school holidays where there’s so much to see, do and learn. Strolling through the 82 hectares of charming greenery is one way your child can find out more about the interesting flora unique to the country. If they’re not quite engaged yet, there’s a discovery centre offering hands-on activities they won’t want to miss out on.

At the Forest Discovery Centre @ OCBC Arboretum, children can not only explore interactive displays of the forest ecosystems, but also visit an activity room where they can sketch different parts of plants. This way, they can expand their general knowledge while enjoying a therapeutically fun activity. And if you still have some time on you, make your way to the Heritage Museum and let your child immerse themselves in interactive multimedia exhibits, displays of old artefacts and oral recordings that reveal the history of the gardens. Quick tip: pay attention to some of these facts when you’re there so that you can test their knowledge and memory sometime later. Of course, turn that into a game and incentivise them with some rewards while at it.

2. Learn From Furry Friends At The Singapore Zoo

Watching documentaries on animals can only do so much to entice children, so a visit to the Singapore Zoo is a must. They’ll be able to learn about the different animals from all over the world, including the importance of respecting these creatures and their habitats. And if your child wants to burn off some energy, head to the Rainforest Kidzworld play area. Apart from the exciting water activities, there are tons of learning opportunities to take away. For a start, let them visit the Falabella stables for a grooming demonstration, which takes place at 10am daily. There’s also a pony ride they can enjoy while listening to the instructor share some unique facts. Let’s not forget the amazing animal shows where presenters will demonstrate the intelligence and agility of birds, mice, dogs and cats. These take place twice daily, so your child can join them during any term break, from the March school holidays to the one-week recess in September to the year-end vacation.

3. Embrace The Outdoors At Pulau Ubin Campsites

The school holidays are also the perfect time to go camping with your children. The activity itself sounds exciting, but there’s a lot more your child can experience that will help build their self-esteem and serve them well in years to come. For a start, camping is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn how to pitch a tent. They will need to follow instructions and use their problem-solving skills to get the job done, an attribute that will remain valuable throughout their lives. There’s also a chance to learn how to build a campfire, which includes gathering wood, creating a fire pit and lighting the fire. You’ll also be able to teach your child about fire safety. Cooking over the campfire is another learning experience, which will teach them the value of patience, meticulousness and cleanliness. Lastly, camping at Pulau Ubin is the best opportunity to introduce your child to navigational skills. The countryside experience on this island off the shores from Singapore is enticing enough for some exploratory adventure, so make full use of it. Hand them a map and let them bring you to marked locations, or let them use a compass to find themselves around the campsite.

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