Primary SchoolSecrets to Success: How MindChamps Students Jumped 4 and 5 Grades on the PSLE

January 14, 2021

(Top image) From left: Mr. David Chiem, Founder CEO & Executive Chairman, MindChamps; Ms. Yip Pin Xiu, MindChamps brand ambassador and three-time Paralympic gold medallist; and Shrivaths, Champion Mindset Awards recipient (improved 4 grades in Chinese)
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Preparing for the PSLE is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a road filled with hard work and takes perseverance and grit. And for many students, the journey begins even before the start of Primary 6.

So it comes as no surprise that the year-end release of the PSLE results is a time of great excitement for many Primary 6 students and their parents. It can also be nerve-wracking as anticipation mounts to see if all that hard work will be rewarded with hoped-for grades.

When the PSLE results are announced, attention is often focused on our country’s top scorers. But here at MindChamps, we’ve also always believed in celebrating every student’s personal breakthrough. We believe that the Champion Mindset we nurture in our Champs as part of our unique 3-Mind approach to education gives them the essential skills they need to face challenges head on, and helps them to realise their full potential.

MindChamps student giving speech
Giving his speech – Champion Mindset Awards recipient Caius Kai Jun Miles (improved 4 grades in Chinese)

The results: How our Champs excelled at the 2020 PSLE

We’re so proud of our Champs and their achievements! Altogether 98% of the students in our PSLE Success Programme experienced at least a one-grade improvement at the 2020 PSLE, or maintained a subject grade of A, while 60% improved three grades or more. Two Champs even surpassed all expectations to improve by a whopping five grades.

* These results have been verified by KPMG in Singapore to supporting records provided by the Company, based on specified procedures in accordance with the Singapore Standard on Related Services SSRS 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

Champion Mindset Awards
The inaugural Champion Mindset Awards ceremony, honouring students who excelled at the 2020 PSLE

Special recognition for those whimproved by 4 and 5 grades

We were so excited to launch our Champion Mindset Awards last December. The inaugural event celebrated the particular achievements of a group of students in our 2020 PSLE Success programme who had demonstrated the Champion Mindset while preparing for their exams in a challenging pandemic year, and who had made remarkable 4- and 5-grade improvements in their PSLE performance.

It was a heartwarming awards ceremony where our Champs got to share their PSLE journey, and how the Champion Mindset carried them through!

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Champion Mindset Awards trophies

What Our PSLE Award  Recipients and Their
Parents Had to Say

PSLE student accepting award
From left: Mr. David Chiem, Founder CEO & Executive Chairman, MindChamps; Ms. Yip Pin Xiu, MindChamps brand ambassador and three-time Paralympic gold medallist; and Caius Kai Jun Miles (improved 4 grades in Chinese)

“The experience was transformative. The Champion Mindset really empowers your vision.”

Caius Kai Jun Miles (student)

“When I returned to Singapore from the UK, I realised that the education system in both countries are quite different. I found it harder and harder to cope with my studies and there were days when I felt very overwhelmed. Then I came to MindChamps. Lessons were fun and engaging, and MindChamps made me more confident and more able to tackle the PSLE. The experience was transformative because I found easier ways and answers for solving different questions. It was a much better way of learning.

“I would say that the Champion Mindset really empowers your vision and the way you see things. I think that will really help me in the future when I come across challenges and obstacles, for sure!”

“MindChamps approached almost three dimensionally how my son challenged himself.”

Caius’ dad

The school system here has a very specific and perfunctory way of learning. And if you can’t keep up, you get left behind. The MindChamps way, on the other hand, was to approach almost three- dimensionally how Caius challenged himself to learn concepts which would help take him through.

“When it came to trying to address the challenges of the PSLE, it seemed that MindChamps was the standout enrichment centre for us, based on everything that we’d studied and tried to compare in Singapore. And it proved to be so.”

PSLE student receiving award
Extreme right: Rida Iqbal, improved 4 grades in Maths

“The lessons helped me learn better and made me more confident.”

Rida Iqbal (student)

“Before I joined MindChamps, I didn’t know how to study effectively, and I didn’t understand what I was studying. I faced multiple challenges in my Chinese lessons. Once I joined MindChamps, however, learning got easier. The lessons here helped me learn more things better.

“Plus, learning at MindChamps is fun and enjoyable! For that, I really have to give credit to my trainers! In my English lessons, for example, Trainer Hugh would let us play games on Kahoot, which he designed based on our lessons. The programmes here have been instrumental in my development as a thinking young adult. The Thinking Cap lessons, for example, have taught me how to be more confident.”

PSLE student receiving award
Extreme right: Lewy Wong, improved 5 grades in Chinese

Classes were fun and exciting.”

Lewy Wong (student)

“When I first joined MindChamps, I felt that I’d rather be home playing my games. But after a few lessons and getting to know my trainer, it became more fun and exciting because he would tell us stories. It made us laugh sometimes! I think my interest in the history and culture of China has grown through this experience.

“I feel that the Champion Mindset will bring you a long way. When I face something tough, I can use it to help me better improve the situation and get me through it.”

My son’s improvement in Chinese surpassed my expectations.”

Lewy’s Mum  

“I didn’t expect such an improvement in his Chinese because it’s his weakest subject. I only expected a pass or a one or two grade improvement compared to what he has achieved here at MindChamps. It’s something really unexpected!”

PSLE student receiving award
Extreme right: Dan Meng Hui, improved 5 grades in Maths

“I was able to think of more than one way to solve the questions.”

Dan Meng Hui (student)

“I was really happy when I received my marks, especially for Maths, because my grade jumped by a lot more than I expected. During the exam, I was able to solve all the questions and was even able to look back at the answers and think of other ways to solve the questions!”

PSLE student receiving award
Extreme right: Mischa Lee, improved 4 grades in Science

We’re so proud! Our daughter’s grade went from average to good.”

Mischa’s Dad  

“We’re just very proud of Mischa and what she’s achieved over the one year, going from a grade that was just average to one that was good. With COVID-19, we had to switch to online lessons, but the trainers were very helpful and gave great support.

“I guess the Champion Mindset will set up not only the child, but almost anybody who has the mindset to have a goal in mind. If you set your mind to it, everything’s possible.

“I hope it will help her brother as well when he takes his PSLE this year, especially with the new AL scoring system. It really doesn’t matter so long as you put your heart to it. Do well, and do your best.”

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Written by Janice Seow