chinese kindergarten

10 Amazing Activities That Nurture a Love of Learning Chinese During the Kindergarten Years

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As most kindergarten children tend to communicate with their parents at home in English, their exposure to Mandarin often takes place during Chinese lessons in kindergarten and Chinese enrichment classes during weekends. Apart from these, Mum and Dad can help their young ones learn and love the language too by doing a fun activity together. […]

chinese kindergarten

3 Ways a Chinese Kindergarten Inculcates the Love of Mandarin in Your Child

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Educating kindergarten kids about Chinese works best when there is the desire to learn. But how do you ensure that your child actually enjoys learning Chinese? The Chinese language is largely infiltrating large segments of society today. Unfortunately for many young children, Mandarin may be a tough language to grasp — but it doesn’t have […]

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MindChamps Launches a Breakthrough Approach to Learning Chinese

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Collaborating with SPH’s Thumbs Up Little Junior to Help Singapore Pre-Schoolers Keep Pace with a Changing World: MindChamps PreSchool today announced the launch of its first MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Tampines Central and marks the start of a strategic education collaboration with Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group. Chinese is one of the most widely-spoken […]