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4 Activities Recommended by Infant Care Experts in Singapore for Baby’s Intellectual Development

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While games like “Peek-a-boo” and “Rock-a-bye baby” may seem like mere child’s play, did you know that they are essential for an infant’s development? Many of the best infant care centres in Singapore like MindChamps use these activities to stimulate infants and aid their learning in the future. Here are some activities that experts recommend […]

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Surprising Ways Infant Care Centres in Singapore Develop Your Infant’s Sensory Skills

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Do infant care centres in Singapore have curricula that benefit a baby’s development? Consider those that incorporate sensory play. Remember that when a child is born, everything is new to him or her. Infants are experiential learners. Each of the senses plays a role in young children’s exploration and interpretation of the world around them. The […]