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Strapped for Time? Here’s the Secret to Fitting in Family Time and Making It Great!

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Time, or lack of time, is definitely one common challenge that families face these days. With an increase in demands at school for the children and ever-increasing commitments at work for parents, families are finding it tough to spend quality and quantity time with each other. However, research has shown that spending time with family […]

online safety for kids

Online Safety for Kids: 3 Smart Strategies to Being a Media Savvy Parent

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Technology has become an inevitable part of daily life. An Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) survey in 2014 showed that most Singaporean households have Internet access and are increasingly using their smartphones to go online — turning to social media for communication, leisure and also as an information source. While technology has enhanced our lives […]

raising confident kids

How to Raise Confident Kids with a Healthy Self-Esteem

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Many parents worry when their children lack the motivation to learn. They also wonder how to encourage their child to build deeper relationships and develop better interpersonal skills. There are numerous motivational, confidence-building seminars and workshops we can send our children to. However, they often only help in a superficial manner and might not fully […]