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Go for Gold!

The ChampionGold Standard will be a journey on which we travel together. It is a journey that encourages the very best practice and reinforces the very best learning.

How do we do this?

No task is too big for the ChampionGold Standard, nor any intricacy too small; ChampionGold Standard will raise the bar in every aspect of MindChamps, with an empowering focus on the three most important facets of our schools. They are: the quality of teaching and learning, the quality of care for our young Champs and the quality of leadership at all levels to ensure that excellence becomes vivid and that it comes alive. Because with the ChampionGold Standard, Excellence is Not an Option. We will ensure no Champ is left behind. As we want all our Champs to be happy young people and individually successful learners. In establishing the ChampionGold Standard, we are making a golden promise to you, as parents: we will never be complacent and we will never think we have become the best that we can be. Indeed, the ChampionGold Standard is more than a prize to be won; it is a way of being.

How right was Aristotle when he said:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

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