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MindChamps Chinese PreSchool was established to meet the needs of Singapore parents to provide their children with a solid foundation in the Chinese language. By infusing the Chinese language into our one-of-a-kind curriculum (based on almost two decades of research and development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education, we offer a nurturing and vibrant Chinese speaking and learning environment to help children from 18 months to 6 years old develop an understanding and love for the language and its culture. Further emphasis will be placed on nurturing the Champion Mindset to bring up confident champion learners for life.

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Nurturing A Love for Chinese Language in Your Child

By infusing Chinese language in its one-of-a-kind curriculum, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool:

  • Helps young Champions cultivate a love to speak Chinese fluently
  • Strengthens every child’s natural learning ability by nurturing their Champion, Learning & Creative Minds
  • Nurtures the MindChampion in every child

The curriculum includes the following 10 world-proprietary core and enrichment programmes:

  • MindChamps Reading & Writing™
  • Fun with Languages™
  • The Love for Chinese Language™
  • Numeracy Strategies™
  • Inquiry Moments™
  • Creativity & Theatrical Strategies™
  • Gourmet Moments™
  • NeuroMooves™
  • Music for the Mind™
  • Chinese Culture Appreciation

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the curriculum different from MindChamps PreSchool?
Most of the core and enrichment programmes offered at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will focus on the Chinese Language right from Playgroup level. The use of English in the curriculum will be gradually increased as pre-schoolers progress to kindergarten levels to help them meet the bilingual academic requirements of the primary school curriculum.
Who should attend MindChamps Chinese PreSchool?
Research has shown that children who are immersed in a second language from an early age are more likely to do well in language and literacy development. Immersion in Mandarin could also be the missing link between communication and cultural appreciation in a language that is infiltrating large segments of society.

With a warm and positive Chinese speaking environment, the curriculum at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will greatly benefit:

  • Local families who are unable to provide a foundation in Mandarin to their children
  • Expat families who are keen to introduce their children to the Chinese language and culture

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool Singapore