MindChamps Chinese PreSchool - Our Kindergarten Curriculum

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool is a bilingual pre-school that offers both academic and enrichment programmes for children in the Kindergarten level. Chinese language is the primary language of communication between teachers and children. In addition to Mandarin, English is used during selected core and enrichment programmes, including the weekly MindChamps Reading & Writing lessons.

Kindergarten Class

Fun and Engaging Ways of Learning

At MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, our Kindergarten students develop a love and appreciation for the Chinese language by learning about vocabulary, sentence construction and intonation through fun and interactive learning methods. For example, during a Gourmet Moments session, your child will be taught to recognise the measurement of food items and the use of kitchen appliances in Chinese.

mindchamps boy

Smooth Transition to Primary School

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool incorporates the use of both English and Chinese language from Playgroup to Kindergarten level. The bilingual curriculum is designed to be mindful of proficiency in both languages, so that your child has solid foundation built by the time he/she enters primary school.

Mindchamps Girl

MindChamps’ Education and Life Philosophies

With MindChamps’ Chinese Culture Appreciation programme, our Kindergarten children will gain insight into the rich Chinese history and culture during lessons through activities such as calligraphy and stories of old. Such stories serve as a valuable lesson on moral values, in line with our education and life philosophies, in particular, the 10 Values of A MindChamps Pre-schooler.