The Bamboo Metaphor

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, champ doing calligraphy

The symbol of MindChamps Chinese PreSchool is the bamboo plant.
The bamboo, one of the most resilient plants in the world, overcomes adversity by the ‘preparation’ it undergoes beneath the ground. It spreads by first extending roots and tendrils beneath the soil. This has the effect of securing the plant with a firm hold to retain water, nutrition and an extensive physical foundation to sustain the mature plant before the first shoots appear above the surface. Once it begins to ‘shoot’, it does so quickly and efficiently, because all the required elements are in place. The mature bamboo plant is resistant to almost all natural threats – including, would you believe, typhoons, because it is flexible and every element of its structure supports one another.
Like the bamboo, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool introduces and carefully nurtures solid ‘foundation’ skills and strategies designed to create a cumulative effect, developing competence in one or more key areas. Whether it is through Creativity & Theatrical Strategies™, Inquiry Moments™ or The Love for Chinese Language™, just to name a few, your child is on the way to an awesome learning journey. Explore with us below.

10 Key Roots of the Bamboo

Building on the bamboo metaphor, we have identified 10 ‘key roots’ of learning and its related strategies.

Key Root 1: Champion Values and Emotional Intelligence Building Strategies™
Champion Values and social skills relating to EQ are more important today than ever before, and they should be learnt when young. Fear, whether of public speaking, sharing our ideas or rejection is a learnt response – a behaviour programmed in childhood and lodged in the non-conscious mind. Our young Champs need to foster their self-confidence and social skills – including empathy – at an early age.

At MindChamps
Pre-schoolers accomplish these all-important foundation skills through sharing in groups and nurturing responses to the needs and views of others. We use multi-sensory experiences such as music, stories, songs, puppetry and kinesthetic activities to develop such social awareness and empathy.

Key Root 2: Creativity and Theatrical Strategies™
Young children do not learn the way adults do, not even the way their older siblings do; they learn best through ‘Crafted Play’ – which allows the child to experience and make discoveries at their own pace, in their own individual way. Children are active learners and they only learn if they are engaged in the process with enthusiasm and active involvement.

At MindChamps
Creativity and Theatrical Strategies are developed within the PreSchool programme through expertly-crafted, theatrical-centred activities. Examples include “Physical Becoming Exercises”, “Creative Impulse Exercises”, thinking questions and creative expression as well as exploration through different media – to engage young minds and bring life to every aspect of the curriculum.

Key Root 3: Associative Thinking & Cognitive Strategies™
While young children are in the process of developing ‘hardware’ for sophisticated thinking, science tells us that thought habits in later life can be influenced by simple thinking experiences introduced in early childhood.

Thus, through ‘relationship and connection’ questions and exercises, ‘cause and effect’ questions and exercises and problem-solving activities, for example, “Associative Thinking” and “Cognitive Strategies” are established.

At MindChamps
Pre-schoolers grow thinking skills through experience, responding to and solving ‘real-life’ situations as they engage in exercises. By responding to positively challenging questions by their teachers, higher-level thinking skills can be promoted.

Key Root 4: Communication Strategies™
It is without doubt that communication skills are increasingly important today. Hence, strong pre-school foundations are required for language and communication.

At MindChamps
Our Champs grow thinking skills through experience, responding to and solving ‘real-life’ situations as they engage in exercises. By responding to positively challenging questions by their teachers, higher-level thinking skills can be promoted.

MindChamps Communication Strategies™ are developed in our PreSchool programme through a variety of engaging social activities, enabling young children to thrive with their own responses.

Language skills are further enhanced through specialised MindChamps Natural Literacy and Reading and Writing Programmes.

Key Root 5: Narrative Intelligence Strategies™
A series of Narrative Intelligence™ strategies are designed to build the child learn through their natural affinity with stories and metaphors.

At MindChamps
Intrinsically, Narrative Intelligence is related to story and language, but it is in fact far more wide-ranging. It refers to the ability to see connections between elements, sequences, cause and effect and recurring patterns in all information and environments.

Key Root 6: Language and Reading Strategies™
We let our pre-schoolers develop vital skills for enthusiastic, life-long reading and writing, down to building up confidence with a language other than their mother tongue, but our students do it in a way that is suited to their age and abilities – without boring drills and rote-learning.

This approach is based on latest scientific research on language acquisition and the importance of a child’s engagement with language.

At MindChamps
We have formulated MindChamps Reading & Writing™, Fun with Language™ and The Love for Chinese Language™ programmes especially for pre-readers and emerging readers. They incorporate age-appropriate activities, including our unique Say and Sing™ approach to developing phonemic and phonics awareness.

Key Root 7: Numeracy Strategies™
Numbers are abstract and numeracy is the ability to grasp the relationships between them. Not an easy task for a child – a fact that is not helped by the common tendency to drill and rote-learn, which present no meaning to the child.

At MindChamps
Numeracy strategies are developed within our programme through play and ‘hands-on’ experiment, where children can internalise number facts.

Other activities include physical grouping and counting exercises, musical pre-numeracy exercises, manipulation of numbers, shapes and patterns through combination of learning money by participating in ‘real-life’ situational exercises. These form the foundation for life-long learning of numeracy.

Key Root 8: Nature and Environmental Awareness Strategies™
In a world where the environment is endangered, our children’s generation will need to act positively and effectively towards environmental protection. Our children develop their awareness of the nature and environment through experiential learning.

At MindChamps
Our Nature and Environmental Awareness strategies are an on-going priority and are developed in our programme through the exploration of themes focused on Me, My Family, My Friends, My Community and My World.

Key Root 9: Movement for the Mind Strategies™
Decades of research have shown that movements and cross-lateral neural-development are strongly and positively connected.

At MindChamps
The NeuroMooves™ programme is scientifically designed. It uses a variety of engaging and exciting development-appropriate activities, such as coordinated cross-lateral movements to help our children develop motor skills, musical intelligence, coordination and balance. These in turn provide better blood flow to the growing brain, laying neural foundations for a wide range of thinking skills.

Key Root 10: Music for Learning and Life Strategies™
Music for Learning and Life draws on the ground-breaking work of our World Advisory Giant, Dr Larry Scripp from the New England Conservatory – one of the World’s leading authorities on music and music integration in early childhood education.

This is a new and exciting area of study in neurology and psychology, and once again, MindChamps PreSchool is ahead of the curve!

Music, not seen in isolation but in combination with the latest scientific research in cross-domain learning, is the key root that connects and empowers all other roots.

Music for Learning and Life™ is thus a unique and high-priority development in early childhood education.

At MindChamps
Research has also shown that the development of strong, active connections between the two halves of the brain promotes association and creativity functions. The earlier these connections are formed, the stronger they will be in later stages, as future progress grows from the existing platform.

No Shortcuts...

For the bamboo, there are no shortcuts to growing strong.
Only if it is confined by the unnatural and rigid limitations of the pot, does it wither and fall.

The MindChamps Chinese PreSchool programme is designed to free the natural flow of learning

For children in pre-school, we apply the MindChamps unique “Optimal Flow” process – a synergy of 3 key elements to:
1. Strengthen the desire to learn
2. Enhance natural curiosity and creativity
3. Employ strategies that build neural networks and learning behaviour that will support the connection of ideas and associative thinking as the child matures

Our programme equips you and your child with a battery of advanced learning approaches that have a firm grasp on latest methods in early childhood mind and personality development.
This provides you, as a parent, with something never before available – essential tools to strengthen your 21st century learner, your ‘little champion’.
Unravel these tools for yourself and your child now.

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