Our Curriculum

Your child’s brain is like an active sponge – how it develops during the early school years depends a lot on the skills and tools it absorbs during this period.

With the MindChampion Programme, you can be assured of an outstanding research-backed curriculum designed to complement what your child learns in school. He/she will be exposed to a wide range of age-appropriate learning techniques and strategies, as well as the values and attributes that make up the Champion Mindset.

Our curriculum will help transform your child into a successful individual who shines on all fronts – academically, socially as well as emotionally.


Hour-Glass Model of Active Learning


The Hour-Glass Model of Active Learning provides an overview of the learning journey your child will embark on with the MindChampion Programme.

It is a three-stage process that maps out how your child will go from being overwhelmed by a vast amount of information to being able to confidently apply his/her knowledge to any academic situation.

Stage 1: Active Understanding

This stage is dedicated to helping your child master and apply effective information control strategies.

Your child will learn to put the vast amounts of information he/she is exposed to in school through a process of analysis, categorisation and elimination.This will result in a smaller and more focused body of knowledge that can be more easily digested and processed.

Stage 2: Active Storage

In this stage, your child will work on effectively storing the information he/she has distilled into a collection of key thoughts or facts. This will make it easier for him/her to retrieve the information he/she needs at the appropriate times.

Stage 3: Active Recall

The third and final stage involves mastering and applying creative thinking and synthesis skills that will enable your child to structure and control information for specific purposes.

As your child’s grasp of these skills matures, he/she will also be able to make creative connections between concepts and construct sound arguments and intellectual positions.

Outlines by Level

Our curriculum is tailored to the learning needs of different age groups, which means that your child will be challenged but not overwhelmed by the material in each lesson. We offer separate programmes for P3/P4 and P5/P6 students.

Primary 3 and 4

The Primary 3 and 4 programme is specifically designed to develop age-appropriate learning strategies and techniques that can be applied directly in school. It integrates the domains of Education, Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre to help your child shift his/her perspective, embrace his/her creativity, increase his/her emotional intelligence and gain a better understanding of self and others.

Key Objectives
  •  Significantly improve memory and the ability to retain information
  •  Enhance oral communication skills in both the classroom context (class participation) and day-to-day life (social interactions)
  • Boost self-esteem, confidence and motivation to study
  • Acquire higher-order thinking skills and techniques that reduce study time and result in more efficient learning
Learning Components

⦁ All of the techniques covered at the P3/P4 level
⦁ S.O.S.® (Secrets of Summarising): Find relevant information quickly and easily and create organised and effective notes that incorporate all the key facts and words
⦁ U.F.O. ® (Turning Unknown Words to Familiar Objects): Learn the definitions of unfamiliar words using sound triggers and visual aids
⦁ Picture Application™: Apply previous mastered techniques to recall maps and diagrams easily and effectively
⦁ Participate in a Student-Led Conference where techniques will be demonstrated to parents
⦁ Explore the three qualities of a Champion Mindset and embrace the power of positive thinking

Your child will also get to attend theses special workshops as part of the programme:

Young Champions
  • This 2.5-day workshop is designed to help your child appraise himself/herself, remove obstacles that hinder his/her growth and chart his/her future goals and aspirations. Highlights include games, dancing and reflective time to inspire your young Champ to be the best that he/she can be.Some of the topics covered include:
    ⦁ Peak performance strategies
    ⦁ Effective communication
    ⦁ Self-esteem
    ⦁ Breaking barriers
    ⦁ Goal-setting
    ⦁ Unlocking intrinsic strengths
    ⦁ The Champion Mindset
Oral Preparation

This 4-day intensive workshop features a simulation of the PSLE English Oral Exam to help your child prepare for this important component.

It aims to instill the following skills in your child:
⦁ Project confidence while showing respect for others
⦁ Develop refined listening, vocal and expressive skills
⦁ Think and express himself/herself in innovative ways
⦁ Develop descriptive and detailed language skills
⦁ Make a great first impression and leave a lasting impact