Enrichment Programme Singapore Events at MindChamps

Complimentary Parenting Workshop

Suitable for parents with children between 3 to 8 years old in 2017

Attend this eye-opening workshop with your child and learn how you can pave the way to your child’s success by empowering him/her with the right tools.

Reading & Writing
Learning to read and write are the two most critical skills a young learner needs to master. Their entire education depends on them being skilled and confident readers and writers. Let our coaches show you how MindChamps employ the most effective teaching methods, coupled with world-class curriculum and advanced learning strategies developed by a team of experts across various domains to nurture Champion readers and writers for life.

Learning Techniques for Primary 1 and 2
Is your child studying smart? At MindChamps, we believe that success does not go to “the one who knows more”, but “the one who knows how”. This is what we do; we show you how. In this workshop, your child will get an opportunity to pick up a powerful learning technique, which may shave many hours off studying and cramming. Don’t take our word for it, join us and see it for yourself.

Seats for this workshop are limited. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Happy Family MindChamps Singapore

“What Makes A Champion Student” Parenting Workshop

Suitable for parents with children between 4 years old to tertiary level in 2017

Mums and Dads, come join us in this complimentary parenting workshop that empowers you to nurture the Champion Mindset in your child, which is crucial to their success in life.
This workshop is wildly popular as your child will get a chance to pick up a powerful learning technique that can be applied to school work immediately. Book now to avoid disappointment!