Beginning the Life-long Learning Journey

In the last two decades, research on the brain and how it functions has gone leaps and bounds and we now know more about it than we have in the last 10,000 years. MindChamps has gathered the latest findings into a collective programme that centres on the young person’s brain.

Catering for Primary 1 and 2 students, the programme is specifically designed to develop age-appropriate learning strategies and techniques that can be applied directly to the MOE, Ministry of Education curricula for Primary 1 and 2. It’s far easier to teach a child correctly from the beginning, than having to undo misguided teaching in later years. So the best time to enrol your child in MindChamps is now, in Primary 1!

Confident Boy at MindChamps PreSchool Singapore

Four Key Areas of Focus

MindChamps PreSchool Enrichment School Curriculum
Emotional Intelligence
Imagine that your child understands the concept of respect and is not afraid to ask questions in class about what he/she does not know. Your child will soon develop a comprehensive understanding of the subjects in school and be able to interact well with teachers and classmates alike. Research has shown that children with higher levels of EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) certainly perform much better in school and this also contributes directly to their self-esteem and confidence.
Higher-Order Thinking Skills
Further to having the tools of learning, it is essential that your child possesses the ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise information. These are skill-sets that require specialised training. They make up Higher-Order Thinking Skills, skills  that enable a child to learn how to think critically and to solve problems.
Creativity Strategies for Problem-Solving
MindChamps is unique in that it instils imagination in its students, bringing forth a creative mindset in young people due to the expertise of its key personnel, many of whom possess backgrounds in both education and the creative and performing arts. With such a refreshing combination, Thinking Cap Programme nurtures your child to think creatively and to solve any problem they face in their school work. The activities in every lesson provide students ample opportunity to interestingly orchestrate different solutions to real-life problems.
Application of Learning Techniques to School Curriculum
The early years of primary school are the perfect time to give your child the tools of learning, tools that will stay with them for life. Thinking Cap Programme sets your child up with the latest Learning How To Learn techniques that complement the existing MOE school curriculum. These techniques that can be applied directly to your child’s school work, are built into every session in a fun and exciting way, both in individual and group settings.


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