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As the Going Gets Tough, Champions Get Going

The upper primary years are key to the realisation of children’s future potential. How they fare in the demanding environments of secondary and tertiary studies will very much depend on the study and learning habits they acquire during this crucial period between childhood and young adulthood. The Thinking Cap Programme is developed by MindChamps to help students rise to the challenges ahead.

Out with the Conventional

The old ways of teaching and learning don’t cut it anymore. Merely memorising information is ultimately pointless – especially in view of the fact that the Internet effectively warehouses all the knowledge of the universe, free for all to access on demand. What the world needs now is Active Understanding.

Towards the Champion Mindset

Incorporating discoveries and insights from Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder’s groundbreaking research into the brain and its workings at the Centre for the Mind, the Thinking Cap Programme promises 23 valuable learning outcomes for its students. Together they make up the Champion Mindset® that will see them through not just the PSLE, but through all the tests that life will throw at them.

MindChamps Enrichment Programme Primary 5 & 6

23 Learning Outcomes

Young Champions®
1.   Peak Performance Strategies
2.   Effective Communication
3.   Self-esteem
4.   Breaking Barriers
5.   Goal-setting
6.   Unlocking the Intrinsic Strengths (discovered by Dr Martin Seligman)
7.   Accessing the elements of the Champion Mindset® (uncovered by Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder)
Active Understanding and Information Control Strategies
8.  Time and Task Management
9.  Advanced Information Acquisition
Active Storage and Recall Strategies
10. Whole-brain Active Recall Strategies
11. Mastery of Difficult Vocabulary
12. Spelling Secrets
13. Picture Applications
Synthesis and Expression Skills
14. Structuring Writing
15. Creative Writing for Creative Thinking
16. Critical Thinking and Problem-solving
17. Expression Tools
Oral Preparation
18. Projecting Confidence
19. Refined Listening, Vocal and Expressive Skills
20. Innovative Thinking and Expression
21. Descriptive and Detailed Language Skills
22. Effective Preparation for the PSLE oral exam (which makes up 15% of the PSLE)
23. Making a Great First Impression and Leaving a Lasting Impact


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