MindChamps Enrichment Thinking Cap Programme in Singapore

As the Going Gets Tough, the Future Gets Brighter

Successful individuals shine on all fronts – academically, socially and emotionally. They remain open to new ideas, and draw on both the logical and creative sides of their brain to process, understand and recall information, make innovative associations and generate new ideas.
Students who commit to the Thinking Cap Programme can expect a number of tangible learning outcomes that can be loosely grouped under the three key programme components. Together, they form the key that unlocks the secret to producing ‘miracles’.

World-ready and Take-charge!

Thinking Cap Programme comprises the four key components of Empower U™, New Brain Software®, Confident Communicator® and Theatrical Strategies. Students graduate fully equipped with skills and techniques that will forever change the way they learn and interact with the world.
Empower U™ encourages personal empowerment by taking charge of one’s life, from short-term time management to long-term career planning and goal-setting.
New Brain Software® cultivates the 4 ‘A’s of Active Learning™, incorporating Active Understanding, Active Storage, Active Recall and Application.
Confident Communicator® hones students’ communication and interpersonal skills, with emphasis on verbal communication.
Finally, Theatrical Strategies develop EQ and Holistic Character Building, providing students with the opportunity to explore multiple mindsets and shifting perspectives.

The Life-changing Outcomes of the Thinking Cap Programme

Empower U™
1. Time and Task Management
2. Peak Performance Strategies
3. Career Planning
4. Self-esteem
5. Breaking Barriers
6. Goal-setting
New Brain Software®
7. Advanced Information Acquisition Strategies
8. Whole Brain Active Storage and Active Recall Strategies
9. Effective Reading
10. Mastery of Difficult Vocabulary
11. Spelling Secrets
12. Picture Applications
13. Mastery of Numbers
14. Synthesis and Expression Skills
15. Creative Writing for Creative Thinking
16. Critical Thinking and Problem-solving
17. Exam Preparation
Confident Communicator®
18.  Projecting Confidence
19.  Communicating with Maturity and Sincerity
20. Confidence in Initiating Conversations
21.  Requesting Help
22.  Effective Communication in All Environments
23.  Refined Listening, Vocal and Expressive Skills
24.  Innovative Thinking and Expression
25.  Descriptive and Detailed Language Skills
26.  Effective Preparation for the O-Level Oral Exam (which makes up 20% of the O-Level Exam)
27.  Make a Great First Impression and Leave a Lasting Impact


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