MindChamps PreSchool is conducting complimentary trial classes exclusively at these centres:

  • Changi Business Park
  • Leisure Park Kallang
  • Serangoon (Lorong Chuan)

These trial classes allows your child to interact with our team of dedicated and qualified teachers and engage in fun and educational class activities. As a parent, you are encouraged to ask the teachers on your child’s progress at the end of each trial class.

We look forward to welcome you and your child, join us at these trial classes. Complete the registration form to sign up now and our friendly staff will be in contact with you to arrange for the trial classes!

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MindChamps PreSchool @ Changi Business Park enjoys spacious outdoor area that promotes important gross motor and coordination skills. There is also an interactive water play feature that not only provides opportunities for extended learning but also promotes more cooperative play. MindChamps Preschool @ Changi Business Park team takes pride in providing children with the best possible start, supported by 100% qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers.


CBP Café

In line with our theme on “Public Places “, Champs inquired on how Cafes work. They were exposed to the different procedures in both operation and services through a trip to a nearest Café owned by one of our Champion Parents. The most exciting part in this Inquiry session is the opportunity for our Champs to put everything they learned into practice by setting up a café and experience rendering service to customers. From planning the menu, to writing feedback forms, to buying the groceries they need, to setting up the place and the exciting Café opening.  The two – day opening gave each of our Champs to display and harness their confidence through serving the customers and making connections with people.


Water Play

On a weekly basis, each class at CBP look forward to their scheduled Water Play Session. A day to play Splishy Splashy is what Champs anticipate when they get to wear water play costumes and continue playing with their friends! The day full of imagination and laughter makes each of our Champ look forward to school. Our waterplay was even made more interesting with our lesson integrations such as lessons on estimations, measurements, eye-hand coordination activities, color sorting and so much more. Beating the heat all year round with Champs moving around in their colourful swimming attires and a Champion mindset.


Science Fair & Family Day

Each term in CBP ends with a blast. The theme on “Science Around Us” was made interestingly fun with Champs and their parents. The Champs showed prowess in their Inquiry through a Science Fair at East Coast Park. The activity was planned to target the totality of each of our Champs. With their parents, they were involved in various activities which benefited even the environment. We had the fun “Clean Drive”, “Science Quiz”, “Volcano Experiment’ and a “Picnic”. Parents were such a sport at doing even the most challenging task of moving a biscuit from their forehead to their mouth using facial muscles before they got to answer trivia questions. The day went on with so much laughter and exchanges of affirmative words mostly for our Champs who showed what they have been learning in school.


MindChamps PreSchool @ Changi Business Park
51 Changi Business Park Central 2, The Signature, #01-16, Singapore 486066

Tel: 6781 6870
Email: sg.pscbp@mindchamps.org

MindChamps PreSchool @ Leisure Park Kallang has been relocated from Mountbatten and now has a new location within the Leisure Park Kallang shopping mall. Our centre is well-equipped and has ample learning space, neat and brightly lit classrooms, a spacious gym and provides a safe and conducive learning environment for our Champs. Our dedicated and qualified teaching team and enrichment specialists will nurture your child to achieve their full potential. Champs at MindChamps PreSchool @ Leisure Park Kallang are treated to outdoor play time including water play, weekly with their friends.



Don in their wet suits, our little Champs are enjoying themselves as they splish and splash during waterplay. This monthly affair is highly anticipated where our Champs look forward to having fun with their friends in the sun. Giggles and laughter fill the air while water is splashing everywhere.


SG Secure exhibition

Our K1 and K2 Champs were thrilled to visit the SG Secure exhibition. Awed by the majestic vehicles, our Champs eagerly boarded them and soon got into character! They also learnt more about what the smartly dressed uniform personnel do to help keep Singapore safe. Now our Champs know that they can learn and grow in a safe nation.


K2 trip to supermarket

Our K2 Champs work well in small groups to accomplish their task in the supermarket. Each group is given a budget of $10 and the empowerment to decide what goes into their shopping baskets. As we are approaching Term 3 – Here I come, Primary One!, this experiential learning opportunity enables our K2 Champs to reinforce their concept of Money through real life experiences. Our K2 Champs displayed a sense of satisfaction upon completion of the task. They are now a step closer to their next stage of life!


MindChamps PreSchool @ Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk, #01-01, Singapore 397693
Tel: 6242 6902 / 8123 2425
Email: sg.pslpk@mindchamps.org

MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon (Lorong Chuan) boasts a learning space of 13,000 sq ft, is the second largest centre and is managed by a highly dedicated team! Our well-equipped center provides a safe and conducive learning environment for our Champs to build their physical, intellectual and social selves. Our spacious classrooms, gymnasium and indoor playground are designed to provide our Champs with ample space to express their movement and creativity. Our teaching team and enrichment specialists delivers the curriculum with dedication to nurture your child to achieve their full potential.


Young Champs saving the Planet

The Young Champs at MindChamps Preschool @ Serangoon are about saving and loving the planet. Teachers and young Champs organized a ‘Save and Love’ fundraising event on Earth Day, where the raised funds will be gifting to National Parks “Plant a Tree Programme”. Prior to Earth Day, the young champs were busy getting ready by designing and putting together various art pieces made using recycled materials which were being displayed for purchase by parents during the event. Special dancing and singing performances were put up by teachers and Champs. Supportive parents also pledged money for tree saplings, in which the Tree Sampling Ceremony event took place last 27 May at Jurong Park Connector from 9 am – 11 am.


MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon (Lorong Chuan)
151 Lorong Chuan, New Tech Park, #03-06 (Lobby F), Singapore 556741
Tel: 6281 5638
Email: sg.psserangoon@mindchamps.org