The Hour-Glass Model of Active Understanding

Active Understanding Singapore

STAGE ONE – Active Understanding
The stage is dedicated to helping students develop the skills and techniques to understand, order and reduce information in a controlled manner. This process involves converting abstract information and concepts into the understanding of key thoughts

STAGE TWO – Active Storage
In this stage, students work to effective store the summarized information of key thoughts or key facts for recollection at the appropriate time.

STAGE THREE – Active Recall
In this final stage, students develop the following skills

  • Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Creative Thinking Strategies
  • Practical Writing Techniques (both creative and factual)
key developments

How can the Hour-Glass Model of Active Learning Help?
This teaching methodology nurtures in the key areas of development during their schooling years. The programme equips them with the skills to master self-directed learning to gain independence, prepare them for success and in life with proven learning techniques and recall strategies.

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