Programme Components

Using key elements from MindChamps’ famous Thinking Cap Programmes and merging them with our Champion Mindset, Creativity, Communication and Optimal Flow Method™ Learning processes, the MindChamps Academy provides your child with a place to Become – whatever they imagine becoming.


Members of the MindChamps Academy (from P1 to P6) will learn to expand their ability in these and many other areas:

1. Celebrating Uniqueness (Their Own and Others’)
Champions are confident in expressing what makes them unique. In order for your child to harness their full potential, this confidence needs to be constantly nurtured.

2. Respect for ‘Accepted Wisdom’ (but the Courage to Transcend it if Necessary)
‘Accepted wisdom’ is rarely completely wrong, but it may well be outdated. Your child will learn to act with ‘100% Respect’ for the wisdom of the past, but ‘Zero Fear’ of responding to the unique demands of the present and the future.

3. Embracing Feedback (and even Adversity) as a Seed for Growth
Your child will develop the ability to accept feedback and learn from adversity, without losing momentum or confidence.

4. Structure, Planning and Goal-Setting to Focus Creative Effort
Creativity is a combination of imagination and structure. Your child will learn to focus on solutions, rather than problems and to use the power of visualisation to actualise goals.

5. Multi-Modal Communication Techniques
To be successful in the modern world, you need to be an effective communicator. Your child will learn to use a variety of communication ‘modes’ to better share ideas and insights.

6. Self-Reflection
In a world which is moving so quickly with so many different influences, your child needs the opportunity to step back and reflect on his/her own actions – to analyse current weaknesses and recognise potential strengths.

7.Health-Maximising Strategies (for Optimum Energy)
Your child’s energy and state of mind grow from a synergy of his/her physical and mental well-being. Your child will learn from Dr William Tan himself the best strategies for maximising inner-health and optimum energy.

8. Maturely Managing Emotion
Champions learn to manage their emotions – and don’t allow them to dominate their decisions and their actions. Your child will experience invaluable ‘hands-on’ opportunities to role-play:
– Abolishing Anger
– Banishing Blame
– Engaging Empathy
– Refining Responsibility
– Seeking Solutions

9. Information Control Techniques
To succeed in school, students must cope with the vast amounts of information in all subjects. Your child will master MindChamps’ signature ‘4As’ learning strategy (Active Understanding, Active Storage, Active Recall and Application), honed from decades of research by MindChamps’ global team, into how the brain really learns.

10. Critical and Analytical Thinking
Top students must develop critical and analytical thinking skills – be it to solve a mathematical problem, construct an effective essay or unravel the mysteries of science. Watch your child develop these important thinking skills – skills which will give them the edge in school and in life.

11. Optimal Flow Method™ (Organising Information in a Brain-Friendly Way)
There can be no learning without understanding. MindChamps’ extensive research in the field of narrative intellect has created the Optimal Flow Method of organising information. This breakthrough methodology enables students to understand concepts and see how the elements connect in a meaningful way.

12. Creative Problem-Solving
The 21st Century will reward the innovator and the problem-solver. These are key attributes which your child will develop.

13. The Power of the Question
The right question empowers us to ‘think outside the box.’ Your child will learn the art of creating generative questions that promote creativity.

14. Synthesis and Expression Skills
Your child will learn to draw together elements from different domains to form new concepts, and be trained in high-level communication and expression skills to share their ideas confidently.

15. Exam Strategies
Effective exam strategies are still a crucial part of any successful student’s repertoire and there is a craft to mastering the exam. The MindChamps Academy prepares your child to face any type of exam, using the world’s most effective exam strategies!

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