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The talk was truly inspiring, and it was great to hear Dr William share his story on what he has gone through in life. The key thing that I took away is the equation, Impossible = I M POSSIBLE – this basically serves as a reminder that we can do anything if we put our minds to it, and not to give up on our children. This session is beneficial for parents as it helps us better understand what the academy is all about and how it can fill in the gaps within the school curriculum to help our children excel.

Edrea Ng Na Wan

Thank you for a very informative session – I enjoyed the part where David talked about how he overcome the challenges during his younger days and was truly touched by Dr William Tan’s life journey and how he managed to succeed in life despite the obstacles. I highly recommend that parents attend this talk together with their children, as this will give them a motivational boost and the confidence to overcome the setbacks in life. Although our children may not fully understand everything that is discussed, as David said, the “seed” will be planted in their heart to help them grow and achieve their goals in the future.

Victor Fong

The MindChampion Academy is a programme that is very well thought of, as it is linked to the vision of the founder, Mr. David Chiem, and supported by Dr. William Tan. It was quite interesting to understand first-hand how everything came into place. One of the key highlights of the session was when Mr. David Chiem shared how a person can have all the information at hand but may not know how to apply it in the corporate world. This resonated with me as it is one of the challenges that I face as a working mum. He also pointed out that the demands of rote learning have cause a lot of parents and children to feel stressed out. As I am a firm believer of being a learner for life, I think it is only right that we give this alternative learning method as a gift to our children – one that brings joy and enjoyment, and instill in them a positive attitude towards learning for life.

Maggie Png

The session was really beneficial, as it provided insights on what is missing from the current MOE curriculum. One of the key things that I’ve learnt is the importance of getting to the “What it’s all about” in every situation that we encounter. This involves the ability to put everything together in a summarised format, and get to the root of the subject – it’s a very useful skill for our children to apply in their studies and for us to apply in life. Overall, it was an afternoon well spent and I highly recommend that all parents attend this session to pick up some useful tips in helping their children in their studies.

Alby Lam Shiau Fong

I truly enjoyed learning about the research behind MindChamps and how our children will benefit from the programme. The sharing by Dr William Tan was very inspiring, as he shared how he persisted despite continuous rejections and difficulties, until he achieved his dream of becoming a physician. It is highly recommended that parents attend this session to be inspired to learn, un-learn and re-learn as learning is a lifelong process. Through this, we can inspire our children to do the same and to encourage them to think creatively.

Mindy Ng Siew Hoon

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