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Reviews and Testimonials 

After Cyrus went through the Thinking Cap programme (now know as MindChamps Academy), we tried to look for an English tutor as he would be taking the PSLE the next year. His English grade was usually a B back then. He then told us he was confident that the MindChamps PSLE Success programme could help him meet our expectations. Most of all, he liked the teachers and the stress-free learning environment.

True enough, he enjoyed every lesson and scored an A in PSLE English. Now in secondary school, we realised that English is his strongest subject and he could easily pick out the grammatical errors in his friends’ written work. Thank you MindChamps for helping our son make progress in his studies!

Mrs Tan, Parent of Cyrus

We had a very challenging time with Kerrisa at the start of this year. Not only was she constantly making careless mistakes, she also had difficulty focusing while doing her homework. We tried everything we could, but we didn’t know how to turn the situation around. Finally, I decided to find out from her MCA trainer if she behaves the same way in class. To my surprise, I was told that Kerissa is one of the best students in class – she is able to fully concentrate and comes out of the class in high spirits. Her trainer and our Education Advisor then shared some tips which turned out to be helpful as Kerissa went on to shine in school by being awarded with the “Perseverance Award” and being nominated as a student leader. We are also amazed at her change in attitude towards school as she takes the lessons and tests more seriously now. We are glad that we made the switch from tuition to a school that builds character in children as that is the very thing that will make one stand out in the world today.

Ms Maggie Wong, Parent of Kerrisa

My child has become more confident and has shown her appreciation and gratitude to us more openly at home

Clarice Tan, Mother of Ong Suan Ying

Her ability to grasp new concepts has improved tremendously. She hardly requires any guidance when doing her work.

Jane Chee, Mother of Kayden Kua

Ryan has applied the study techniques in his school work. He has shown consistent results.

Elieen Chio, Mother of Ryan Matthew Low

She has improved in school academically

Aline Chang, Mother of Clarisse Mok

Edison is able to try thing and think positively now

Grace Mah, Mother of Edison Tang

The MindChamps Academy programme has helped Jia Xin to be more confident and also thought her about never giving up and keep trying mindset.

Calvin Poon, Father of Poon Jia Xin

The MindChamps Academy programme is in a positive learning environment and lots of encouragement from the trainers.

Olivia Shepherdson, Mother of Chloe Sng

James has definitely improved in his confidence level.

Jasline Tan, Mother of James Teo

He enjoys learning and complain less. He has also developed his self-confidence.

Eleanor Lee, Mother of Elson Lee

Eldrick used to breakdown easily when faced with setbacks. He has now improved to manage his emotions better and has became more matured.

Vivan, Mother of Eldrick Tan

The programme has instilled in my child the 10 Values of a MindChampion. She is more confident now.

Cherie Chng, Mother of Celeste Koo

The programme has boosted my child’s confidence in his presentation skills.

Tam Ping Yee, Mother of Aloysius Brandon Mark

What our students are saying after attending 1 term of MindChamps Academy Programme