yip pin xiu at Rio Paralympics

Yip Pin Xiu

Pin Xiu first made headlines by winning the gold medal at the women’s 50m backstroke in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. After her splendid performance in Rio, she made headlines everywhere, making it to ‘breaking news’ for dailies, radio stations, television channels and more. Pin Xiu clinched not one but two Gold medals at the Rio Paralympics. Needless to say, she set new world records.

While she is Singapore’s first and only Paralympics gold medallist, now, with three golds and four medals, she is in the league of one of Asia’s most accomplished Paralympic swimmers. Pin Xiu’s sporting feat earned her The Straits Times Athlete of the Year for 2015, a prestigious award among her various others, that recognises Singapore athletes who achieved exceptional success and, more importantly, who go on to become inspirational role models in the manner that they achieve success.

More amazingly, Pin Xiu has achieved sporting success despite her deteriorating physical condition. She has been afflicted with muscular dystrophy, a syndrome that slowly breaks down her muscles as she grows older. It was for this reason, along with her sheer determination and tenacity to do well despite her physical condition and the inspiring nature of her accomplishment, that distinguished her from other able-bodied athletes who were also nominated for the award.

Importantly, Pin Xiu believes in overcoming her physical challenges and achieving success by adopting a Champion Mindset, which is a personal attribute that is about being the best one can be, discovering one’s strengths, recognising one’s weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

“I identify strongly with the MindChamps philosophy of nurturing the Champion Mindset in every individual. It is the Champion Mindset that has helped me overcome my physical challenges to achieve my dream of an Olympic Gold Medal,” she says.

Jane Lee

Jane was the captain of the first all-women team to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2009 as well as the first Southeast Asian woman to scale the 7 summits of the world between 2010-2011.

To Jane, success in climbing is 10% physical and 90% mindset. She believes that every child has the potential to achieve great things. The key is to get each child to embrace that self-confidence that will nourish a conviction to dream big and see their goals through to the end.

As a MindChamps brand ambassador, Jane would like to set a positive example to children, to show that with the correct mindset, they are capable of overcoming even the most extreme of challenges to reach their goals.

Jane Lee, first all-women team to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2009
Jeremy Lim Hon Lee

Jeremy Lim

Jeremy is a graduate of the MindChamps Success 4 Life Programme in 2003 and was appointed as a Youth Fellow of MindChamps in 2006. Despite being diagnosed with brittle bone disease – a condition where bones break easily and are prone to fracture as the body lacks the collagen required for a sturdy bone structure – his disability does not deter him from learning or growing and contributing to society. Moreover, Jeremy believes that the many challenges he faced as a result of his condition has made him a better person, and not a bitter one.

Jeremy describes his experience at MindChamps as enriching, rewarding and life-changing; he credits the educational institute for teaching him not only effective learning methods but also useful life skills. He believes that it is only natural for one to develop a Champion Mindset after being taught at MindChamps.

Jeremy is also a recipient of the Singapore National Youth Achievement Gold Award in 2009 and had written an autobiography entitled Beyond Bone Breaking that was published by MindChamps Publishing in 2011. The autobiography shares his life journey, challenges and lessons with everyone.

Rainer Ng

Rainer is a Youth Fellow of MindChamps since 2011, a 50-metre backstroke silver medalist at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games and a graduate of the MindChamps Youth Athlete 3-Mind Academic Programme, a joint initiative that was specially formed by MindChamps and the Singapore Sports Council for the training of youth athletes for the 2010 Games.

Rainer directly attributes his ability, courage and determination to break through negative barriers and beliefs to MindChamps. The study techniques that he learnt during the MindChamps Youth Athlete 3-Mind Academic Programme has taught him how to itemise and summarise information, making it easier to digest. It has also taught him how to analyse and train smart during his training sessions.

Rainer Ng at Singapore Youth Olympic Games