Welcome to MindChamps

We are very pleased, this past year, when surveys show that as an educational brand, MindChamps is most often associated with programmes based on strong research and science. It is encouraging to know that our efforts in these areas are appreciated beyond the MindChamps ‘family’, as the wider community begins to grasp what we have known for years: that education in the 21st Century will be very different from that in the 20th.

I have written before on the need for the development of a ‘3-Mind’ approach to education (as outlined in the book The 3-Mind Revolution, written a few years ago by myself and Brian Caswell – our Dean of Research and Programme Development). Based on the trinity of the Learning Mind, the Creative Mind and the Champion Mind, it is an approach that has become synonymous with the success of MindChamps in preparing young people from Pre-school to Tertiary level, and it continues to underpin all that we do.

At MindChamps, however, we are never satisfied to rest on our laurels, for we believe very strongly that: ‘When we stop learning, we stop teaching.’ With this in mind, we decided to address some basic – but vital – issues.

The first is what we call ‘The DNA of Success’. It arises from the question: ‘Are some people simply born to succeed, while others are born to fail?’ or, to put it another way, ‘Is success inevitable for some but not for others?’ The good news is science shows that the answer to both questions is a resounding ‘No!’ As human beings, the ability to learn and grow is encoded in our DNA. We have a virtually infinite potential for success. Why is it, then, that not everyone unlocks that potential?

The answer is found in the rapidly-evolving science of epigenetics. When it comes to our DNA, what turns the potential into the actual is the quality of our experiences – especially in the first 15 years of life. Our DNA provides the potential, but it is our experiences that release that potential, to shape it, focus it and hopefully, turn it into what the world recognises as success.

Are all men created equal? Perhaps not – but as parents and educators, this is not the important question. Our role is not to measure the differences in innate potential. Rather, it is to find ways to maximise the potential that every human being is born with: what we call ‘The DNA of Success’.

MindChamps was founded almost two decades ago, on the belief that if we understand how we learn, we can find the best ways of targeting and releasing the potential in every child. In the world of the IT Revolution and Google, simply possessing information no longer gives us an advantage. It is the ability to innovate – to use that information in creative and original ways – that will differentiate our children from the rest.

MindChamps is constantly researching ways to liberate and train the instinct for creativity and problem-solving that is encoded into the DNA all our young champs. But research and great programmes are only half the story. We knew that in order to make the greatest possible difference for the greatest number of young people, our performance standards – both in the delivery of our programmes and in the areas of administration and client services – needed to be unparalleled.

In this regard, I am proud to announce the MindChamps’ ChampionGold Standard – a detailed and comprehensive array of educational, operational and service-oriented benchmarks that can be applied and measured across every service we offer.

MindChamps is already the mark with which other organisations measure themselves. Now, the ChampionGold Standard is the mark with which we at MindChamps measure our own performance. I truly believe that growth – for an individual or an organisation – is a journey, not a destination. Let us travel together on the journey to fully express the true potential of all children.


David Chiem
Founder, Chairman and Group CEO