How To Prepare Your Child from P1 to PSLE with NO Tutoring?

(Exclusively for Parents with Children in K2 – P5)

It is a global problem that children attend school for 5 days a week, yet they still have to suffer the pressure of tutoring after school and on the 6th and 7th days.
Einstein once said, “There can be no more certain sign of insanity than to do the same thing over and over and expect the results to be different.” This ‘insanity’ creates a pressure that every year leads children to ‘hate’ school, and wrongly believe that they are failures.

At MindChamps it is in our DNA to seek out the gaps in society and fill them, and we have been addressing this ‘insanity gap’ for two decades.
MindChamps Academy – A new breakthrough learning approach in Singapore which
brings together the best of all the MindChamps signature programmes in one learning environment.

Stop this ‘Insanity Gap’ & attend this talk to learn:
– How to unlock your child’s full learning potential;
– How to master and actively understand every subject at school;
– The ‘mindset’ to conquer every subject at school;
– The scientific research of the 3 Minds needed to ACE exams for success in school & in life.

BikeThe first ever mountain bike event at the North Pole took place on Saturday 7th April. The ÔNorth Pole Bike ExtremeÕ race saw fourteen competitors from 8 nations pedalling furiously in Ð21C on specially designed Crescent mountain bikes. Juan Antonio Alegre (Spain) won the 26.2-mile race in a time of ____. His Spanish compatriot Miguel Caselles took second place in _____ with Kym McConnell of New Zealand in third position. Alegre said he felt Òon top of the worldÓ after his victory. For more information see Contact

– Dr William Tan, conquering the North Pole.

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Programme Director, Dr William Tan

William TanAs Director of the MindChampion Programme, Dr William Tan unites his unique attributes with those of our expert team of global researchers and our specialist training team. He is the ideal Director for this programme, because he is the living definition of a MindChampion. Despite being paralysed from the waist down since the age of two, and without the advantaged wealth or position many are born to, he nevertheless developed the mindset to become:

  • A multi-degree graduate of NUS, Newcastle, Auckland, Harvard and Oxford Universities
  • A highly-successful neuroscientist and physician
  • A Paralympian
  • A gold-medallist and a world-record holder in the marathon who has raised over $18 million for children’s and medical charities.

To achieve more than you believe you can, you need role models, and there is no better role model than a man who has lived through so much adversity, yet shone in so many diverse areas. As a stage-4 cancer-survivor, Dr. William Tan is an esteemed physician famous for both his skill and his empathy. He is a man who understands, first-hand, what it takes to overcome crippling adversity and achieve at the élite level – in the medical profession, in sport and in life – and he believes strongly in sharing his passion, his skills and his insights with young people.

So, a key part of his role as Programme Director is to meet regularly with students, to share his wisdom and his experience, helping them to develop the 3 Minds necessary to give them the edge to achieve at the highest level in any area of study, work and life.

He is a champion who has had to overcome crippling adversity, yet he has conquered some of life’s most difficult challenges by applying his Champion, Learning and Creative Minds to become a neuroscientist, a medical doctor, a Paralympian and a world-record holder who completed 7 marathons on 7 continents in 26 days and 17 hours – in a wheelchair!