The MindChamps philosophy lies in seeking and filling gaps that exist in society. One of the major global gaps we fill is in education, with our focus on the skills and strategies of learning, teaching ‘how’ rather than ‘what’ to learn.

Working side by side with international experts, MindChamps’ unique approach identifies the domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesising them with Education.

Along with these impressive experts, MindChamps Founder and CEO brought on world-renowned Neuroscientist Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS. The team synthesised the revolutionary concept of the 3 Minds:

  • The Champion Mind – Celebrating the individual’s uniqueness, going beyond conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity to achieve success.
  • The Learning Mind – Learning How to Learn strategies that actively assist our learner to understand, store, recall and synthesise information and concepts.
  • The Creative Mind – Connecting multiple perspectives and integrating them to generate new, creative ideas.
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In essence, this is MindChamps’ education model for the 21st Century, preparing children of today with the skills, flexibility and mindset to thrive in a rapidly-changing and information-saturated future, nurturing every child to be their own MindChampion.