Unlock Your Child’s Potential to be Champion Learner (for Pri 5 – 6)

Stops Struggling and Start Learning Effectively!

Your child’s brain is like an active sponge (although one with immense capacity!) and how it develops during the early school years largely depends on the study and learning habits acquired during this time.

While MindChamps, you can be assured of outstanding research in our educational programmes that complement the Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum.

Herein lies the genesis of the Thinking Cap Programme, developed for cutting eedge learning to prepare students of all ages for success in today’s competitive and demand educational world. By integrating the 3 domains of Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre, and synthesizing them with education, a dramatic effect in learning can be observed in your child, who at the same time, will shift his perspective for better learning, embrace his creativity and increase his Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


How the Programme Meets the Objectives and Standards of the MOE Curriculum

From 2021, the current PSLE aggregate score will be replaced by wider scoring bands with the aim to nurture well rounded individuals in a broad-based education system. With this, students will no longer be graded on how well they score in comparison with their peers. Instead, the focus will be skewed towards your child’s own learning progress and the discovery of his talents and interests.

The Thinking Cap programme equips and prepares your child to meet the new requirements of PSLE by endowing your child with Learning-How-to-Learn (and not what) techniques and thinking skills, you child can apply these to the MOE curriculum. What’s more, your child can apply these to the MOE curriculum. What’s more, your child will be inspired by the Champion Mindset to reach full potential and attain maximum success in school.