How the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme can help Your Child

The MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme nurtures children in the key areas of development during their schooling years. The programme equips them with skills to master self-directed learning to gain independence and preparing them for success in school and beyond, with proven learning techniques and recall strategies.

The Hour-Glass Model of Active Learning

As outlined above, the Hour-Glass Model moves the student from a state of overwhelm to one of confidence through two key steps, and a series of refined Active Learning Techniques. The first step (the ‘upper funnel’ of the Hour-Glass) involves taking the vast, uncontrolled volume of information which students need to learn through a process of analysis, categorisation and elimination, producing a smaller, more focused and comprehensible body of information – knowledge which is actively understood, more easily recalled and more effectively utilised.

The second step (the ‘lower funnel’ of the Hour-Glass) involves student’s mastery and application of MindChamps’ Creative Synthesis and Expression Skills which enable the student to structure and control information for specific purposes. These Synthesis and Expression Skills are what educational psychologists refer to as ‘higher order thinking skills’.

Stage 1: Active Understanding

This stage is dedicated to helping students learn and apply MindChamps’ effective Information Control Strategies – develop the skills and techniques to understand, order and reduce information in a controlled manner. This process involves concerting abstract information and concepts into the understanding of key thoughts.

Stage 2: Active Storage

In this stage, students work to effectively store the summarized information of key thoughts or key facts for recollection at the appropriate time.

Stage 3: Active Recall

In this final stage, students develop the following skills:

  • Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Creative Thinking Stratefies
  • Practical Writing Techniques (both creative and factual)

Through the Hour-Glass Model approach to training, students develop a balance between knowledge control and acquisition on the one hand, and creative synthesis and problem-solving on the other. An immediate benefit of this training process is that the child moves gradually from ‘Overwhelm’ to ‘Confidence’. A shift in Mindset occurs as a result of the child’s growth in self-belief when he or she is able to control and express information in a structured and systematic way. The on-going benefit of the training process is that MindChamps’ Active Learning strategies, once mastered, become the child’s preferred way of learning and processing information.

Young Champions Workshop

This 2.5 day workshop is designed to help youths appraise themselves, remove obstacles that hinder their growth and chart their future goals and aspirations. Highlights include games, dancing and reflective time to inspire young champions to be the best that they can be.


  • Peak performance Strategies
  • Effective Communication
  • Self-esteem
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Goal-setting
  • Unlocking the Intrinsic Strengths
  • Champion Mindset

Oral Preparation Workshop

The programme will feature a simulation of the PSLE English Oral Exam (which makes up 15% of the marks allocated for the English paper) to help you child prepare for this important component in the exam.

Through the intensive workshop, which spans 4 days for Primary 5 & 6 levels, your child will pick up the following skills:

  • Project confidence while showing respect for others
  • Develop refined listening, vocal and expressive skills
  • Think and express themselves in innovative ways
  • Develop descriptive and detailed language skills
  • Make a great first impression and leave a lasting impact