Ms Kee Chooi Wan
Mother of Faustina Lim

I enrolled my daughter, Faustina, in the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme and PSLE Success Programme because her elder brother had previously benefitted from them. Importantly, from the MindChamps’ parenting workshops that I attended, I realised that these programmes go beyond improving the academic abilities of students, focusing on imparting values as well. I believe this is critical in the character-building process for any young person.
My daughter used to be shy and reserved. After attending the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme, she learned to develop her own positive views and has become more assertive and confident in articulating them. She is also less afraid of making mistakes now. Her transformation can also be attributed to her trainer at MindChamps, who was very encouraging and who took the effort to affirm her in developing her unique strengths. This helped her build her confidence tremendously.
What is more, my daughter developed such confidence after attending the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme that she is able to cope with the Maths classes she attends under the MindChamps PSLE Success Programme. This, coupled with a good trainer who encouraged students to go beyond their ability, a small class size for personalised attention, good time management skills, the gradual progress she made and a burning desire to do well, my daughter achieved an ‘A’ in her PSLE Maths examination – a vast improvement from the ‘E’ grade she attained during her pre-assessment. With such good foundation built in Maths at MindChamps, my daughter now has no problems coping with this subject after entering Secondary School.

wan-qiwen of MindChamps Singapore

Ms Wan Qi Wen
Graduate of Thinking Cap Programme

I enrolled in MindChamps after my PSLE. As I was not motivated to study hard then, my results were average. Under the guidance of my trainer, I learnt various techniques to study much more efficiently in Secondary School and became much more motivated. I applied the techniques that MindChamps taught me and got straight ‘A’s for my Secondary One year-end examination.


Mr James Chen
Father of Clarice Chen

After I noticed my daughter’s grades had dropped in school, and this has resulted in her unwillingness to go to school, I felt that it was imperative to change this situation around by changing her mindset towards her studies and attending school. Thus, I enrolled her in MindChamps’ Thinking Cap Programme.
In just half-a-year, her attitude shifted from the negative to the positive and her progress in approaching her studies and school became noticeable. She does not cry before she goes to school anymore. Moreover, she has learned to apply the techniques from the programme in her school work and was even accorded a Good Progress Award by the Ministry of Education, something I never expected.
I would like to thank the trainers at MindChamps for motivating my daughter and other children!