Singapore's Leading Writing Programme (6 to 10 Years Old)

MindChamps Writing is an experiential programme that complements and enhances (but does not replicate) the MOE English curriculum. Designed to work hand in hand with what the child is learning at school, the MindChamps Writing programme focuses on the understanding and creative aspects of writing, rather than attempting to force a mechanical approach, before the child has internalised the all-important desire to write.

The Programme:

  1. Immerses the child’s imagination,
  2. Facilitates writing from that immersion and,
  3. Provides the grammatical structures to allow for better expression of the child’s ideas.
mindchamps reading & writing programme
What is the secret to writing? Are writers born, rather than made?

There seems to be a mysterious gene that enables someone to become a successful author. Research, however, points to the other direction with a resounding: “No!”

Children are not born writers. They become writers as a result of their experiences with language. And what kind of writer they become is determined by their emotional response to those experiences in the early years. Often, their path is set – for success or failure – even before they have learnt to master the intricacies of English (or any other) grammar.

Research shows that writing plays a critical role in a child’s success in school and beyond. Yet, like the majority of adults, most children have never been taught the true Craft of Writing. Surveys worldwide reveal that the majority of adults – even those with degrees – do not enjoy writing. Therefore, they do not make good, competent writers. The old-fashioned ‘drill and kill’ strategies we all grew up with alienate many children from the joy of writing, making it a stressful and boring chore.

Why choose MindChamps Writing™ over other creative writing programmes in the market?

The MindChamps Writing™ approach breaks down the barriers to writing, by providing every child with unique stimulus and development tools, based on actual professional writing processes, and by reminding children that writing is fun.

The programme is designed by Brian Caswell, multi-award-winning author of over 300 books for readers of all ages from pre-school to adulthood. Brian is internationally renowned, not only for the quality of his writing but also for his long-proven expertise in combining the twin arts of writing and teaching. For 40 years, he has shared his passion for and vast knowledge of writing with tens of thousands of people.

Now, for the first time, all that knowledge and experience has been distilled into a brand-new foundation writing programme. If writers are made, not born, then MindChamps Writing™ is the ultimate source for a life-time of enthusiastic engagement with writing.

The Writing Gap

The MindChamps Toolbox for Writing

A set of 21 tools for writing is incorporated into the MindChamps Writing™ Programme. These tools help your child develop a love for writing by empowering them with the mindset and skills necessary, to tackle a broad spectrum of writing genres.

The MindChamps Writing Toolbox is divided into 6 ‘compartments’ that encompasses the following:

Syntax Construction Tools
1. Constructing a Sentence
2. Punctuation
3. Verbs and Agreement
4. Grammar
– Simple & Complex Sentences
– Phrases & Clauses
– Pronouns
– Adjectives & Adverbs
– Conjunctions & Prepositions
5. Vocabulary and Spelling
6. Paragraphing
Story-Building Tools
14. Characterisation
15. Differences in Perspective
16. Dialogue
17. Expression & Style – Bringing a Scene to Life
Language Enhancement Tools
7. The Art of Effective Description – Adding Detail
8. Emotive Writing – Putting yourself into somebody’s shoes
9. The Use of ‘Feeling’ Words
10. Writing to Show, Not to Tell
11. Figurative Language
– Similes & Metaphors
– Idioms & Proverbs
Polishing Tools
18. Drafting & Editing
19. Proof-reading
Planning and Structuring
12. Genre Writing
– Narrative Writing
– Poetry Writing
– Instructional/Informational Writing
– Descriptive Writing
– Opinion Writing
13. Organisation & Story Structuring
Higher Order Thinking Tools
20. Critical Thinking
21. Analytical Thinking

Programme Outcome

Through the MindChamps Writing™ Programme, your K2-P3 child will be able to:

  • Develop self-confidence and passion for writing
  • Acquire proof-reading and editing skills through regular exposure and refinement
  • Improve their writing standard across a mixture of genres
  • Actively understand what style of writing is appropriate for specific writing tasks
  • Fully engage in the creative process to inculcate a love for language


With the application of the ‘PSC’ (Process, Structure & Creativity) approach, your child’s writing skills will be enhanced with the ability to:

  • Understand the value of structure and organisation in approaching a writing task
  • Explore Multiple Perspectives when faced with any writing task
  • Write under pressure through simulated exam/composition conditions
Brian Caswell with champs of MindChamps Singapore

“I have been writing for my whole life, and teaching people to break through their fear of writing for close to 40 years, and it all began with my early writing experiences. For young children, the right experience is fundamental to the development of the writer’s mindset. I am confident that children who immerse themselves in positive writing experiences contained in this programme will develop both foundation skills and life-long enthusiasm to become better writers than the adults of our own generation.”

Brian Caswell Dean of Research and Programme Development, MindChamps

Parents' Review of MindChamps Writing Programme

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