7th Floor, Lhk Square 288 N. Domingo Street, San Juan City, Metro Manila
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As a premium international preschool in the Philippines, MindChamps International PreSchool @ Greenhills provides a fun and engaging learning experience for toddlers and young children who attend our Playgroup, Nursery and Pre-Kinder classes. Our centre offers an unparalleled experience for our Champs with child-friendly facilities designed especially for them. Our Gourmet Room is equipped with an authentic kitchen and is provided with baking and cooking utensils, allowing our Champs to hone their fine motor skills through baking and cooking. During the process, mathematical as well as creative skills are naturally developed as they are encouraged and supervised by our Champion Teachers.

MindChamps International PreSchool @ Greenhills has an open-space roof deck where outdoor activities such as kite-flying, zoo simulations, and botanical explorations are held. These facilities and activities allow our Champs to explore and investigate the world around them, allowing them to have fun while learning outside the traditional four corners of the classroom. Aside from being located near residential areas, the convenience of free parking spaces on the ground floor of the building provides added safety for our young Champs.

At MindChamps, we ensure that our champs are provided with the best learning environment to maximise their growth and development, not only academically but also physically, socially and emotionally.

Make An Appointment With Us To Tour The Centre!

Make An Appointment With Us To Tour The Centre!