Parenting7 Tips to Nurture Your Child into Confident Readers and Writers

January 14, 2022

Adapted from an article by Professor Trevor H. Cairney, fellow of MindChamps’ World Research, Advisory & Education Team and Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales, Department of Education.

Exposing your child to a wide variety of stories where they can explore and grow as readers and writers is something you can easily do, according to Professor Trevor H. Cairney.​

There will always be a level of reciprocity between reading and writing. In fact, the reading of one text will always prime and connect with the memory of other stories, explains Professor Cairney.​

Therefore, writing can be inspired by books (or other media). ​

Here are 7 tips you can bond with your child immediately!

  • From birth, fill your child’s lives with expository, descriptive (including poetry, journals/diaries, novels, & plays) and persuasive texts (letters, advertisements etc.) ​
  • Read to your child from birth. And make time to share literature in the elementary years of schooling. ​
  • Don’t lose your own passion for literature, so that you might ‘infect’ your child with this same passion. ​
  • Help your child to celebrate the writings of others and acknowledge the inspiration for their writing and ideas.​
  • Encourage experimentation with writing, in form, at the ideas level and in purpose.​
  • Try to create an environment where stories are shared, talked about and celebrated.​
  • Use the school and local libraries to consider books and borrow them.
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