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About MindChamps Early Learning & Preschool

Nestled just off the main road, MindChamps @ Annandale offers a wholly unique learning experience. With a leafy outlook and an open plan learning space, the children and educators create a Sydney preschool that feels like family. With strong community ties, the team @ Annandale are known by locals as energetic, motivational, inspiring and thoughtful. For your Champ to join this dedicated team of educators, book a tour today.


What’s on

Boasting three Early Childhood Teachers for this 29 place service, Annandale is perfect place to give your Champ the tools to thrive. With so much expertise under one roof our Annandale preschool and early learning centre is constantly making improvements to their curriculum and learning environment. With catered meals, our Annandale Champs are given the energy to grow, learn and champion the future!

Meet Our Director - Anna

Anna has been part of the Early Childhood sector for 14 years. She started working casually whilst studying her Diploma of Children Services at Petersham TAFE then later on studied at Charles Sturt University to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree. She has unparalleled time management skills have always worked full time through her studies. Anna worked her way up through the industry as an educator, room leader, 2iC, and Director. She believes you can never stop learning, no matter how long you have been in the sector.

Our Learning Programmes

Our MindChamps programs are based on Australian research and were created for the children of the 21st century. Using Crafted Play, our Annandale Champs engage in a variety of structured and child-led learning experiences. Our environment is split into 6 distinct learning zones, created with the children to reflect their learning.

Early Learning

When young Champs are given the opportunity to guide their own experiences, they become excited about education. Our learning program embraces the Champs’ interests and skills, utilizing the learning potential in everyday activities. Utilizing Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, and Social aspects of play, we teach our Champs about themselves and their place in the world around them.

Preschool Curriculum

In addition to our early learning programs, our preschool curriculum incorporates the MindChamps breakthrough Reading Programme. Through theatrical strategies, our reading program has been developed by experts to encourage a love of reading and storytelling. With Australia’s low early literacy rates, we are barracking back to foster a connection with the written word which will benefit our Champs for the rest of their lives.

The 3-Minds Approach

Just as the Froebel and Montessori approaches were developed in the 19th century and the “Thinking Curriculum” of the Waldorf-Steiner and Reggio Emilia methods were products of the 20th century, the MindChamps Early Learning & Preschool’s 3-Mind Approach is the education model developed for the 21st century. Our unique pedagogy is based on The Champion, Learning, and Creative Minds.

The Champion Mind teaches children resilience and the ability to overcome adversity and thrive.
The Learning Mind concentrates on teaching children HOW to learn and not WHAT to learn.
The Creative Mind nurtures our Champs abilities to think outside of the box and see the world from multiple perspectives.

Combined, our Champs are equipped with the tools they need to flourish in the unknown future that lies ahead.

Annandale Nursery

MindChamps are excited to launch their Annandale Nursery in 2020! Located in MindChamps @ Annandale, we are taking enrolments for our brand new 0-2 learning space.


Centre Amenities

  • Degree Qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Weekly curriculum based on 21st-century research
  • Open plan learning spaces
  • Close to schools
  • Ongoing community involvement
  • Wholesome and nourishing chef-prepared meals – catering to all dietary preferences and allergies
  • Small class sizes for a personal approach

Meet the Owners

It all started when Adam and Heidi, who grew up in the Northern Beaches, set out on a quest to find a centre that would truly nurture and educate their two little ones.

Unable to find it in Australia, their search brought them overseas, where they discovered MindChamps.

Adam and Heidi were won over by how its education model — originating from Sydney and tested in Singapore, a leading country in educational standards — nurtures and develops children the way the latest research recommends – through a child-centred, play-learning environment that is both experiential and engaging.

“My husband and I were excited that at last we had found, in the MindChamps education model, exactly what we were looking for. MindChamps ticked every box on our wish-list and offered so much more, that we immediately wanted to bring it home so that our own kids could benefit from it.”
– Heidi

Today, Adam and Heidi have successfully brought MindChamps back to Australia and are passionate about sharing its benefits with Aussie families.

Why not meet Heidi and hear from her personally how you can nurture your child in their crucial early years?

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