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Check out where each of our programmes is offered and choose the centre most suitable for your needs.

      MindChamps Australia operates 21 premium early learning and preschool services across NSW. Each of our centres was created to reflect the environment and community where it resides. Our centres are a home away from home for our Champs, with dedicated learning spaces for each age group and beautiful open-air outdoor spaces in all our locations. Every MindChamps Early Learning & Preschool centre has been equipped with the very best facilities and environment for your Champ.

      Physical Learning Environment

      Our physical environments are zoned for each age group with six clear learning zones. Our Champs benefit from dedicated play spaces focusing on dramatic play, reading, writing, art & craft, numeracy and construction. Regardless of their age our passionate educators create these zones to reflect the Champs’ interests and strengths.

      Early Learning

      Alongside our physical environment, our curriculum focuses on nurturing the learning potential in every experience. Our early learning programmes centre on sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social skills. Through Crafted Play our Champs explore the world around them and learn about their unique place within it.


      Our preschool curriculum extends on these concepts and introduces our break-through reading and writing programme. Aimed at enriching our Champs’ lives with a life-long love of reading, our reading programme engages them in theatrical play focusing on storytelling and narrative.

      Our Pedagogy

      With our scientifically backed 3 Minds Approach, we teach our Champs not what to learn but how to learn. By the time they are building their careers, they will be learning and teaching concepts that haven’t been invented yet. The MindChamps way is about giving our Champs the tools to thrive in the unknown future.

      Are you ready to give your child this gift? To find the MindChamps Early Learning Centre closest to you, simply enter your suburb or postcode in the search bar below. We look forward to partnering with you on this crucial step in your child’s development and learning journey.