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    Purposed built childcare centre

    Award-winning researched-backed curriculum in your neighbourhood

    Award-winning researched-backed curriculum in your neighbourhood. Your child will enjoy these and more!

    Reading Program

    MindSport Program

    Nutrition Program and specially created nutritious meals every day

    The 3-Mind ApproachPreparing Kids For An Unknown Future

    Just as the Froebel and Montessori approaches were developed in the 19th century and the “Thinking Curriculum” of the Waldorf-Steiner and Reggio Emilia methods were products of the 20th century, the MindChamps Preschool’s 3-Mind Approach is an education model developed in response to the 21st century. All preschool Champs at our Broadway child care centre will be guided using our unique pedagogy, which is based on The Champion, Learning, and Creative Minds.
    The Champion Mind
    The Champion Mind teaches children resilience and the ability to overcome adversity and thrive.
    The Learning Mind
    The Learning Mind concentrates on teaching children HOW to learn and not WHAT to learn.
    The Creative Mind
    The Creative Mind nurtures our children’s abilities to think outside of the box and see the world from multiple perspectives.

    Our Learning Programmes

    MindChamps uses our research-based programs alongside our school readiness preschool curriculum. This early learning and child care centre focuses on learning through Crafted Play, which encourages children to explore new concepts, through play and under the guidance of our educators.

    Early Learning

    Young children learn best through hands on, experiential activities. Our learning programme is about embracing the learning potential in everyday experiences. The S.M.I.L.E.S Methodology encourages our young Champs to engage in Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social activities within the play environment to harness these opportunities.

    Preschool Curriculum

    Alongside our early learning programme, our preschool Champs benefit from our breakthrough Reading Programme. Using theatrical strategies, the preschool curriculum encourages a love of reading and storytelling. By developing early literacy we foster a connection with the written word which will benefit our Champs for the rest of their lives.

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