The 3-Mind Revolution – Nurturing a “Champion Mind” in Young Children

September 27, 2021

Growing up in the 20th century, you probably went through an entirely different education system compared to your children. While the education system in the 20th Century served its purpose in building a generation of thinkers through rote learning teaching methods, the advancement of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) today requires a different education model.

No expert or futurist can tell us what the future will be like for our children, but from our over 20 years of research we know that the academic mind alone is not enough.  For the 21st century, we need to equip our children with the right mindset and tools that will allow them to focus on the skills and strategies of learning. The ability to stay curious and open-minded will enable our children to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Our next generation should possess abilities to learn, unlearn and relearn so they can be well prepared for what the future holds. Learning, unlearning and relearning not only empowers our children to survive but thrive in the future workforce that will be heavily reliant on technology and less reliant on humans.

To achieve this, your child will need to develop the right mindset from an early age.

To address this need, MindChamps developed a unique, research-based 3-Mind approach — cultivating the Champion, Learning and Creative Minds —  Crafted Play™ and S.M.I.L.E.S. (Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social skills) methodology.  Our research-backed curriculum is based on over 20 years of research and uniquely synthesised by award-winning and world-leading experts from the four domains of: Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre.

Research shows that the foundation of how a child learns is laid during their early years. In fact, during these years, your child’s brain forms more than 1 million new neural connections every second. That’s right, every second!

So it is crucial that we provide young children with the right mindset to help them get a head start in learning and life.

What is the 3-Mind Approach?

The 3-Mind approach was developed to nurture young children, to enable them to excel with the necessary skills and knowledge they need as adults. Long gone are the days where parents can rely on the teaching techniques of the past generation. In order to provide their little ones with the tools and skills that will help them meet the ever-changing demands of 21st century society, we have to provide them with a strong foundation on top of the right skill sets. What the new generation needs, now more than ever,  is the right mindset that our 3-Mind approach provides, to help them be able to constantly adapt to the many changes that will come in their lives.

We believe in helping children build their Champion, Learning and Creative Minds through our three essential pillars –  quality of teaching and learning, care and leadership at all levels.

What is the “Champion Mind”?

In this brave new world, the ability to cope with change will mark the difference between success and failure.  To do so, one has to develop three distinct minds.  The first being the “Champion Mind”, a way of thinking which prepares your child, mentally, for success.  It encourages them to identify and celebrate their own uniqueness and strive to learn from mistakes and adversity with grit.

Build from equal parts of emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-awareness and self-confidence, it provides your child with the confidence to trust in their own unique vision.

As you might already know, the first six years make up the most crucial stage for your child’s development. So this is the critical time to nurture them to their fullest potential.

Nurture a “Champion Mind” With MindChamps

With our 3-Mind approach, your child will experience quality education provided by our skilled educators to equip them with essential skill sets such as reading and writing on top of nurturing them to have the Champion Mindset. On top of focusing on our three essential pillars, the heart of our early childhood and preschool programmes focuses on achieving the ChampionGold Standard, which empowers all our staff and teachers with the best teaching techniques to provide only the very best learning experience for your child.

In our next couple of blog posts, we will share more about the other two distinct minds – Learning Mind and the Creative Mind – and how together with the Champion Mind, these two allow our young ones to approach the world full confidence.

Allow your child to experience the full benefits that our 3-Mind approach can bring to their lives today.

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