Parenting Workshop

    "The Champion Mindset Coach Program is an A+ !"

    "This is a great program for parents to become effective coaches to their children. I have learned how to communicate better with them… in the most empowering way. I’ve applied what I’d learned and after 2 days, I saw immediate improvements in the way my children respond to me."

    - Eugene Seah
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    "I thoroughly enjoyed my learning journey at MindChamps where I learnt various techniques which are extremely helpful. I got 4 A*s and an aggregate of 270 for my PSLE!"
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    Why has tutoring not worked for your child?
    “We have tried one-on-one tuition, group tuition and also coaching on our own. Nothing worked, so we decided to try something different – MindChamps Optimal Flow Method! My son’s results improved by 3 grades for his PSLE! “
    - Christopher Chow, father of Bryan Chow
    Read more to find out how the Optimal Flow Method can help your child too!
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What makes a Champion!, Edited by Allan Snyder

What makes a Champion!

This is the key insight which we find in Professor Emeritus Snyder's remarkable tome that compiles the insights of over 50 individuals, including the late Nelson Mandela and Sir Edmund Hillary.
What Makes a Champion! is the perfect handbook for identifying - and inculcating - a winning attitude in all people.

Magic Moments: Small Beginnings, New Release Ebook, Written by Carmee Lim and Brian Caswell

Magic Moments

Children are natural and insatiable explorers and it has been said that play is the real work of childhood. Written by Carmee Lim and Brian Caswell, Magic Moments: Small Beginnings (for children aged 0 to 24 months) is the definitive activity book for parents and child that reintroduces a world where play is the corner-stone of learning.

Natural Born Leaders Audio Book, Viswa Sadasivan and David Chiem, The latest research findings behind the conscious and Non-conscious minds and its impact on leadership

Natural Born Leaders (Audio CD)

Master Trainers Mr Viswa Sadasivan, CEO of Strategic Moves and Mr David Chiem, Group CEO of MindChamps, come together for the first time to deliver a discourse on Leadership that goes beyond what most programs and workshops on leadership currently offer.

3-Mind Revolution Audio Book,  educational experts David Chiem & Brian Caswell

3 Mind Revolution Audio Book

Let international best-selling authors and educational experts David Chiem & Brian Caswell show you how as parents, educators and leaders, you can bring out the best in the individuals under your charge so that they can set themselves apart in the information-saturated 21st century.

Beyond Bone Breaking, written by Jeremy Lim, a recipient of the Singapore National Youth Achievement Gold Award in 2009

Beyond Bone Breaking

Jeremy Lim, a recipient of the Singapore National Youth Achievement Gold Award in 2009, is a highly inspirational individual whose lifestory is told in his autobiography - Beyond Bone Breaking.


About Us

MindChamps is an international award-winning mind development institute that trains students in the Art of Learning How To Learn and the development of their Champion Mindset. Launched as a research centre in Australia in 1998, MindChamps established its world head institute in Singapore in 2002. To date, over 60,000 students from pre-school to university level have graduated from MindChamps internationally.

MindChamps collaborates with Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS, founder of Centre for the Mind (a daring venture of University of Sydney). Professor Emeritus Snyder’s research into the lives of world champions provided him with an all-encompassing understanding of the Champion Mindset, a term he coined.

Incorporating the groundbreaking findings of Professor Emeritus Snyder and Centre for the Mind, MindChamps programs empower pre-school to tertiary level students with the latest and most practical strategies to achieve their full potential, both academically and throughout their life. 

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