Our Centres and Facilities

While there may be some variations in the space layout, all of our centres are fully equipped with facilities and fixtures to promote creative learning for children aged 18 months to 6 years.

Your child can look forward to:


Dedicated Spaces for Activity-Based Learning

Our centres feature child-friendly facilities such as a soft-padded indoor gym and dedicated reading corners for your child to play, learn and explore in a safe space. Some of our centres also have indoor and outdoor play areas.


Open and Conducive Classrooms

Lessons for all levels are conducted in dedicated classrooms with lots of space for various learning activities to take place. There are also specially designed learning zones in every classroom where your child can explore his/her areas of interest.

Ample Room for Physical Development Through NeuroMooves™

NeuroMooves™ trains your child’s physical and neural development. We provide the space required for them to exercise their physical strength and abilities. With room to grow, play and experiment, your child can develop hand-eye coordination, depth perception and the ability to grasp items well. We set the stage to achieve more complex physical skills like the ability to play sports.

Adequate Space to Break into Smaller Groups

MindChamps places an emphasis on space, making classrooms large, so that when our kids break out into smaller groups, they have the opportunity to mingle and play with one another. Individual space to grow makes learning more conducive and promotes a productive learning atmosphere.

Safe, Clean and Hygienic Classrooms

Our spaces are designed with your child’s safety in mind. Soft-padded floorings and sitting areas provide the cushioning required for your child to play and tumble on. To allow your child to gain enough confidence to move around skilfully and achieve mastery over their physical skills, we create a space that makes them feel safe and willing to venture out of their comfort zones.

An Inspiring Learning Environment Awaits in A Preschool Around Me

You might want a preschool near you that focuses on your child’s development and cares for their well-being. MindChamps PreSchool is what you’re looking for with centres in central locations and island-wide. Find the best preschool around you and start your child’s learning journey today.

Our spacious, bright and clean classrooms are designed for your child’s journey to grow into MindChampions, with zero fear and a 100% respect for others. Learn more about our curriculum as well as more information on our admission and fees.

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Our Curriculum

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