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Having established English as the de facto language in Singapore, the opportunity to practise one’s mother tongue dramatically decreases. It has a snowballing effect wherein the newer generations are having trouble comprehending and communicating in the language due to their lack of fluency and proficiency. This does not only affect their ability to ace their examinations, but it also extends beyond the classroom and impacts their personal relationships as well.

Address these gaps by sparking your child’s innate intrigue and deep love for the Chinese language. Enhance your child’s learning potential with our Chinese enrichment programme.

Reaching Academic Success and Beyond

At MindChamps, we make it a point to bolster your child with the necessary resources and guidance so that he/she can complete the Chinese examinations with confidence. Crafted closely in line with the Ministry of Education’s syllabus, our comprehensive curriculum will cover all the major components covered in both Chinese and Higher Chinese at the primary school level. Our enrichment classes will impart your child with essential exam-oriented strategies and analyses to help master essential topics and exam skills.

Our tuition lessons will cover the following:

  • 作文 / Composition
  • 语文理解与运用 / Language Use & Comprehension
  • 口试 / Oral Assessment
  • 听力 / Listening Comprehension
Primary 1

Your child will learn basic hanyu pinyin and understand how Chinese characters are formed using radicals. Basic methods of writing Chinese characters will be taught, as well as an appreciation of Chinese literature through books, poetry, proverbs and idioms.

Primary 2

The latest scientific methods are incorporated into our programme to help your child master key Chinese characters within the MOE syllabus. Multimodal activities including reading picture books, learning about historical and idiom stories, multimedia and roleplaying are used to help stimulate your child’s natural curiosity and interest towards the Chinese language. Your child’s foundational skills in story comprehension, speaking and writing will also be nurtured to accustom them to using Chinese in everyday real-life scenarios.

Primary 3

At this level, your child will learn about the origins and uses of hanyu pinyin in order to further enhance their ability to recognise radicals, characters and words. Our programme extends their interest in Chinese beyond the classroom through the inclusion of extension activities like reading Chinese picture books, public speaking contests and appreciation of classical Chinese poetry. Your child’s exam readiness will also be strengthened with regular assessments and practices to hone their speaking, listening, ready and writing skills.

Primary 4

To bridge the gap between lower and upper primary, your child will learn more complicated aspects of the Chinese language such as differentiating between words with similar pronunciation, meaning and/or appearance. Regular extension activities such as reading Chinese picture books, public speaking contests and appreciation of classical Chinese poetry are incorporated to further their interest in the language beyond the classroom. Our programme also includes regular practice and assessments in common assessment formats such as listening comprehension and picture composition to ensure their exam readiness.

Primary 5

Your child’s foundational skills are enhanced through lessons meant to reinforce their grasp of hanyu pinyin and help them learn how to differentiate between words with similar pronunciation, meaning and/or appearance. Our programme covers exam components including vocabulary MCQ, cloze passage and complete the sentence/dialogue to help familiarise your child with the structure of their upcoming assessments. At this advanced level, your child will also master effective ways of structuring content in composition practices, incorporate model vocabulary into both written and spoken word exercises and sharpen their reading comprehension skills.

Primary 6

Your child will master the grammar and structure of Chinese, as well as expand their knowledge of Chinese vocabulary and idioms. To deepen their understanding and analytic skills in the language, we incorporate activities such as picture analysis, synthesis, and summary writing. This builds their confidence in the language, and helps them gain the ability to confidently articulate and converse in Chinese. Each of these aspects prepares your child for their PSLE examinations, and exam strategies, analysis and preparation are also included to improve their exam readiness.

We challenge our students to go further in their learning curves. Through the application of the learning techniques exclusive to MindChamps, we will nurture your child to develop the Champion Mindset, which will enable them to prevail over any difficulties.

We strive to continuously nurture and empower our students such that they find success in academics and beyond. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

What makes a MindChampion?

With our Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, we nurture children to become young Champions by instilling the following 10 attributes in them:

I Am
I Am
I Have
I Am
I Focus On
Beauty In Others
I Embrace
As Setups
I Value
Feedback As a
Seed For Growth
I Am
I Am
I Am A
Life-Long Learner

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