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When your child enters Primary 3, he/she will be introduced to a brand-new subject: Science. On top of getting used to a higher standard of learning in preparation for Upper Primary, he/she will also begin to learn about the fundamental concepts and understandings that make up the natural world. Though children have an innate curiosity and drive for learning about the world around them, it can be difficult for your child to make this adjustment to learning Science in the classroom.

Transform your child’s curiosity and wonder into academic excellence with our Science enrichment programs.

Cultivating A Curious Mind

MindChamps is the leading provider of enrichment programs in Singapore. We believe that the best way to bridge educational gaps worldwide is through nurturing the natural abilities of children and cultivating a Champion Mindset in every child. From the moment your child entered the world, he/she was already using scientific methods of inquiry such as observation, experimentation, and repetition to learn more about each new environment and experience. Our Science enrichment and tuition programs harness this natural inquisitiveness and teach your child how to meaningfully apply it within a classroom setting in order to excel at examinations and eventually, the PSLE Science paper.

At a Lower Primary level, your child can expect to learn about topics such as:

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Fungi & Micro-organisms
  • Magnets
Primary 3

Our teaching methodology utilises an approach that helps our students create connections between information and concepts to have a complete understanding of the subject. Our Primary 3 Science programme will equip your child with new information whilst reinforcing existing knowledge of key topics like classification of animals, properties, organ systems, and plant/animal life cycles. We will also equip your child with exam strategies, as well as termly tests, mock exams, and reviews to ensure that they are well prepared for their examinations.

Primary 4

With our Primary 4 programme, your child will learn about and reinforce knowledge of several key topics, such as magnets, properties and states of matter, light, and photosynthesis. Through a variety of fun and experimental activities, your child will be able to witness Science in action, fostering creativity and a positive learning attitude towards the said subject. In order to build a strong foundation and improve exam readiness, we will supply plenty of termly tests, mock exams, and reviews.

Primary 5

Our Primary 5 programme is curated to kickstart your child’s preparation for the national exams in the following year. Your child will have a better grasp of the key concepts like the water cycle, cells, plant reproduction, and the human respiratory and circulatory systems. They will also master exam strategies that will help them tackle multiple-choice and open-ended questions. To further boost their exam readiness, your child’s learning will be equipped with termly tests, mock exams, as well as reviews.

Primary 6

Your child will master key Science concepts and develop competencies for answering questions on the PSLE Science paper. To do so, this programme will reinforce your child’s understanding of familiar concepts and expand their analytical and problem-solving skills. They will develop strategies to apply what they have learnt to questions of varying format and complexity, effectively improving their performance.

Upon moving into Upper Primary, new topics will be introduced such as:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Water
  • Plants (Reproduction and Systems)
  • The Environment and its Impact

Our exclusive MindChamps curriculum is informed by the latest changes to Singapore’s Ministry of Education Science syllabus and PSLE coverage, and we adopt an evidence-based pedagogy backed by the latest discoveries in education and neuroscience. Our Optimal Flow Method™ approach helps students connect new information to what they already know, helping them to build a strong and complete foundational understanding of complex Scientific concepts.

We strive to empower your child to seek out success in his/her academic and non-academic endeavours. Reach out to us to find out how MindChamps can help your child excel.

What makes a MindChampion?

With our Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, we nurture children to become young Champions by instilling the following 10 attributes in them:

I Am
I Am
I Have
I Am
I Focus On
Beauty In Others
I Embrace
As Setups
I Value
Feedback As a
Seed For Growth
I Am
I Am
I Am A
Life-Long Learner

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