Classes For 3 to 4 Years Old MindChamps Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

Our enrichment programmes in Singapore cater to toddlers as young as 3 – 4 years old. Allow your child to learn and develop in a language-rich environment with other young minds of a similar age. The early years are a prime opportunity for children to learn the cognitive and emotional skills they need to develop into healthy, socialised and capable adults. At MindChamps, our enrichment classes for toddlers prioritise an experiential classroom with interactive learn-through-play activities to nurture in your child an early love for learning and curiosity about the world.

MindChamps Reading for Toddlers

Our reading enrichment programmes for toddlers consist of two parts: Natural Literacy and our core MindChamps Reading classes. Children turning 3 years old (N1) at the start of the course period will be automatically enrolled in our Natural Literacy programme. This year-long pre-literacy programme consists of 90 minutes classes over 4 ten-week terms. Our integrated phonics approach helps young learners gain an awareness of the alphabet and numerals, build interest in the spoken and written word and learn foundational fine-motor skills like holding a pencil.

Enrolment in our core MindChamps Reading programme is decided after a literacy assessment. Most children turning 4 will likely have the abilities needed to participate in this programme. This multi-year programme aims to holistically nurture foundational language skills in reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening.

Learning Is a Journey That Never Ends

In addition to stimulating your toddler’s young mind, MindChamps enrichment programmes are also designed to help your child develop social skills through peer interaction and conquer challenges in a supportive environment. The pedagogical process takes centre stage in our belief that the contents of what we learn and the process of how we learn are inextricably linked.

For more information, feel free to reach out to us with your questions on our enrichment programmes for toddlers in Singapore.

Our Natural Literacy programme caters to toddlers at the N1 level. Through play, sensory-based learning, craft work and interactive storytelling, this programme will help your child gain confidence, develop creativity, cultivate a love for books and build good reading habits. Each lesson will expose your child to the magic of stories through role-playing and puppetry, and he/she will also develop fine motor skills through engaging in craft work. Throughout the programme, you will be updated on your child’s progress through weekly letters, as well as activities that you can participate in with your child at home. At the end of the programme, your child will take a standard reading test to determine the level that they will progress to in the following year.

  • Learn in a language-rich environment that builds interest in the spoken and written word.
  • Acquire basic numeracy concepts, such as learning how to count.
  • Develop an awareness of the alphabet from A to Z.
  • Develop fine motor skills, which are essential to begin the literacy journey.

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