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Mathematics is a subject that almost all students encounter difficulties with, at any level in the Singaporean education system. However it is an essential subject that not only imparts practical knowledge about specific mathematical concepts and operations, but also cultivates a keen analytical mind and useful problem-solving skills. A strong understanding of Math also helps to open your child to more educational and career opportunities much later on in his/her life – and all it begins with building a solid foundation during the Primary School years.

Cultivate your child’s natural problem-solving abilities into mathematical prowess with our Math enrichment classes.

Nurturing A Holistic Learner

At MindChamps, we take pride in being the leading provider of enrichment and tuition programs in Singapore. Our course pedagogy is evidence-based and backed by years of research in the field of education to ensure that your child is able to learn at his/her best. Our exclusive MindChamps curriculum has been crafted to align with Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus, and has been used by many students over the years to great success.

Instead of using rote learning and memorisation techniques, our Math enrichment programs incorporate a 3-Mind Approach to help students understand how Math can fit into their daily lives, as well as nurture their natural curiosity and critical thinking skills. Through this holistic approach and targeted lesson materials, students are encouraged to strive for concept mastery and heuristics to improve their scores during regular term lessons as well as assessments and examinations. Each Math class is structured to be age-appropriate, and our Math enrichment program covers topics for Preschool and Primary School levels including the PSLE.

Primary 1

Your child will gain an understanding of whole numbers up to 100, and acquire basic mathematic operation skills, as well as heuristic techniques to solve problem sums. Our programme will also instil your child with the skills to apply knowledge of various topics they have learnt into practice.

Primary 2

In our Primary 2 programme, we will deepen your child’s understanding of whole numbers and strengthen their problem-solving skills through more advanced heuristics. Your child will also expand their knowledge and further develop their application and analysing skills.

Primary 3

Your child will build a strong foundation for basic arithmetic mastery, as well as acquire a range of heuristics techniques. Aside from reinforcing conceptual knowledge of key topics like Money and Fractions, our Primary 3 programme will also strengthen your child’s readiness with termly tests, mock exams, and reviews.

Primary 4

With our Primary 4 programme, your child will learn to apply basic mathematical operation skills and heuristic techniques to solve problem sums and word problems. Your child will also reinforce conceptual understanding of certain key topics, such as Shapes, Decimals, and Area & Perimeter. We will supplement your child’s learning with termly tests, mock exams, and reviews to strengthen their exam preparation.

Primary 5

Our Primary 5 programme is designed to prepare your child for the national exam they will sit for in the following year. Aside from strengthening their arithmetic and heuristics skills, your child will also reinforce their understanding of key concepts, including Ratio, Decimals and Percentages. To ensure that your child is fully prepared to tackle their examinations, we will provide your child with termly tests, mock exams, and reviews.

Primary 6

Your child will achieve a mastery level of Math knowledge essential for PSLE. They will acquire and apply an in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts and skills, as well as develop a higher-order thinking approach to solving heuristics problems. Our Primary 6 programme is designed to instil your child with confidence and a positive learning attitude towards Math.

Build Your Child’s Confidence In Math With Our Champion Mindset

For many students in Singapore, facing difficulties during their Math lessons can have a demoralising effect on their mood and emotions. Our tuition and enrichment programs are designed to grow your child’s Champion Mindset so that he/she can take pride in their efforts, and face both successes and setbacks with confidence.

Your child’s academic and personal development are our top priority. Reach out to us to find out more, or if you have any questions about our programs.

What makes a MindChampion?

With our Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, we nurture children to become young Champions by instilling the following 10 attributes in them:

I Am
I Am
I Have
I Am
I Focus On
Beauty In Others
I Embrace
As Setups
I Value
Feedback As a
Seed For Growth
I Am
I Am
I Am A
Life-Long Learner

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