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English is one of the key subjects in the education curriculum – establishing a solid foundation at the primary level is key to setting your child up for success. While most primary school students are equipped with basic fluency and proficiency skills, excelling in the language is the more challenging part.

Empower your child with the skills and confidence he/she needs to tackle his/her English exams with our English enrichment classes.

Nurturing Your Child’s English Development

MindChamps takes pride in being the leading enrichment provider in Singapore that continuously strives to help and empower children to take charge of their education and realise their full potential. With a comprehensive curriculum that is crafted in line with the Ministry of Education’s syllabus, our enrichment programme is set to cover all areas, including junior vocabulary, grammar, comprehension tactics and more. We will prepare necessary exam-oriented strategies, simulations and analyses to help your child better understand and navigate even their weakest English language component.

Our lessons will tackle the following:

  • Writing
  • Language Use and Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral Communication

Through activities including play, sensory-based learning, craft work and interactive storytelling, your child will be immersed in a language-rich environment that motivates their natural curiosity. We help to grow their interest in spoken and written literacy and numeracy, as well as develop their fine motor skills to prepare them for their literacy journey.


Our programme is divided into age-appropriate levels to help build your child’s confidence in four basic language development skills: reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening. Holistic activities help build your child’s confidence in using spoken vocabulary as well as reading passages and numbers out loud. Over time, your child will be able to use language to express personal thoughts, feelings and understandings in their everyday life.

Primary 1

Your child will build a strong foundation for grammar mastery and acquire basic conversational skills as well as writing techniques. Our programme nurtures your child’s purpose and confidence in using their literacy skills in a speaking context, as well as developing their understanding of basic spoken and written grammar rules.

Primary 2

In our Primary 2 programme, your child will strengthen the mastery of basic grammar rules and feel greater purpose and confidence when reading aloud. Our interactive activities help augment your child’s composition skills through improving both their grammar and vocabulary techniques, as well as enhance their basic conversational skills.

Primary 3

Your child will build an intuitive grasp of phrasal verbs, direct/indirect speech and active/passive voice while acquiring more varied vocabulary. This enhances their powers of expression, and they are given opportunities to hone their speaking and writing skills through regular exercises. Students will also improve their exam readiness by learning techniques and methods for common question types such as MCQs and cloze passages.

Primary 4

Your child will build their intuitive grasp of grammar rules including subject verb agreement, direct/indirect speech and active/passive voice. To help prepare them for the transition to upper primary, students sharpen their writing and exam readiness skills through regular practice and writing exercises.

Primary 5

Our programme bridges the gap between your child’s upper primary years and their future PSLE examinations. An understanding of grammar rules such as subject verb agreement, parts of speech, and active/passive voice is reinforced to strengthen your child’s confidence in communicating. Your child will also learn idioms, proverbs, and storytelling strategies to improve their overall powers of expression.

Primary 6

Your child will master grammar rules and enhance their vocabulary to prepare them for their PSLE examinations. Our programme sharpens your child’s core language competencies including Parts of Speech, Growing Sentences and Building & Expanding Paragraphs. Your child will also learn different text types, listening comprehension skills and continuous writing skills to help improve their expression of ideas through writing and speech.

Our integrated learning approach will equip your child with the necessary skills to analyse information, think critically and respond cohesively both verbally and in writing, giving him/her the confidence to sit for his/her next English exam. Unlike traditional tuition classes, we leverage the learning techniques that are exclusive to MindChamps, allowing your child to develop a Champion Mindset that will enable them to overcome any set of challenges that may appear before them.

We place your child’s academic and personal development as our priority. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us

What makes a MindChampion?

With our Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, we nurture children to become young Champions by instilling the following 10 attributes in them:

I Am
I Am
I Have
I Am
I Focus On
Beauty In Others
I Embrace
As Setups
I Value
Feedback As a
Seed For Growth
I Am
I Am
I Am A
Life-Long Learner

Our Curriculum

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