4 Tips to Ace PSLE Listening Comprehension

January 16, 2023

It is common knowledge that the English Listening Comprehension section of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) has significant weightage in determining a student’s general performance. Therefore parents are highly encouraged to equip their children with effective strategies and techniques which would help them achieve higher grades.

With this understanding and goal in mind, we have put together three tips specifically tailored to help your child ace their Listening Comprehension and feel prepared on examination day.

1. Expand Vocabulary and Build English Proficiency

Firstly, being fluent in English and having a strong English vocabulary is essential for success in Listening Comprehension exams. This is because children are more likely to grasp concepts and stories quickly with less trouble understanding specific words or phrases.

To increase English vocabulary knowledge, reading English content from magazines or newspapers and watching English movies are effective ways of building language fluency. Not only are these activities fun, but they can also help students become more familiar with English language structure.

2. Make it a Habit to Jot Down Key Points

Secondly, jotting down key points during English Listening Comprehension can make all the difference during the exam. By cultivating a good habit of taking notes, your child can retain important information during the exam and stay focused on the questions. It also reinforces their learning and encourages them to pay closer attention during the exam.

3. Understanding the Format of the Paper 

Thirdly, familiarising themselves with the format of the PSLE English Listening Comprehension paper is a crucial step in your child’s exam preparation. Knowing the types of questions, sound recordings, and time frames for question answering can help your child feel more confident during the exam.

Encourage your child to review past papers or take mock exams in environments that simulate the actual test conditions. By becoming comfortable with the structure and types of questions, your child can focus on perfecting their listening skills.

4. Sign up for MindChamps English Enrichment Classes

Lastly, parents who would like to provide children with access to professional guidance may also choose to enrol them in enrichment classes.

At MindChamps Enrichment, our knowledgeable English teachers are committed to helping Primary 4-6 students excel in their PSLE Listening Comprehension. Our classes focus on building strong language foundations while providing a platform for interactive learning through the Champion Mindset. With our proprietary programmes, adequate practice and proper guidance, your kids can further sharpen their English Listening Comprehension skills and ace their exams with ease.

Ultimately, these are just some of the strategies that can help your child perform better in their PSLE Listening Comprehension exam. As parents, it is important to remain patient and provide support during their preparation process, as this will motivate them to work harder without feeling too pressured.

For more information and helpful tips for parents, check out our insightful blogs and visit the nearest MindChamps Enrichment centre today to level up your child’s learning journey.