4 Useful Tips for PSLE Math Revision and Tackling the Papers

April 19, 2022

With the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) drawing closer each day, Champs and Champion Parents are bound to feel the pressure. Before all Primary 6 Champs across Singapore can close the chapter to a particularly stressful academic year, revising for the PSLE will undoubtedly be on the to-do list of all Champs for the next few months. With a varied range of subjects that could very well determine their academic future, this high-stakes examination necessitates prior practice and revision. Of the four main content-heavy and challenging subjects, PSLE Mathematics is one that most students struggle with. How then can you help your Champ with their PSLE Math revisions?

1. Start Early

When it comes to revising for PSLE Math, there is no one-size-fits-all method. What may be deemed as effective for one Champ might differ for another. However, getting a head start will always be beneficial. While drafting a plan so that your Champ can revise for the PSLE during the June holidays is a good idea, jumping headfirst into these drills can prove ineffective, especially if unaware of their current learning gaps and learning styles. When your Champ’s current Math proficiency levels in various topics are established, setting goals and tracking progress becomes a lot easier. Rather than drowning your Champ in unnecessary practices in a short span of time, targeted PSLE Math questions can be focused on for the efficient acquisition of skill and knowledge.

2. Strengthen the Foundations

Imagine learning a new language. It may seem counterintuitive to memorise idioms before learning basic words and phrases.

Similarly, Mathematics requires perfecting the balance between strengthening your Champ’s foundation and challenging their strengths to advance their skillset. Since your Champ will be tested on topics and concepts taught throughout their primary school years, regular practices will refresh their memory of past concepts learnt. In addition, doing so diligently will familiarise your Champ with numbers and improve their speed and accuracy when attempting PSLE Math questions.

3. Know the Difference

Every PSLE Math paper is divided into two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. Carrying different weightage and testing different capabilities, it is crucial to understand the differences between both papers to better conquer the questions and most importantly, complete the papers on time.

PSLE Math Paper 1

PSLE Math Paper 1 consists of Booklet A and Booklet B. Aimed at testing your Champ’s foundational knowledge, the hour-long paper is all about speed. To ensure your Champ is able to tackle the questions with ease, have them remember these four key rules for Paper 1 – time management, never leave a question blank, process of elimination and always check your work.

Although the proverb “slow and steady wins the race” is ingrained in most of our minds, watching the clock is a must for all exams. Given the limited amount of time to complete the paper, train your Champ to read, analyse and answer each question in no more than five minutes. If unable to complete the question immediately, let your Champ know that it is okay to leave the question momentarily and come back to it later. If your Champ still finds a question tricky, then the process of elimination can be their go-to method for solving the multiple-choice questions. Finally, check, check, check. Have your Champ set aside some time to do their due diligence and eliminate any careless mistakes.

PSLE Math Paper 2

PSLE Math Paper 2 is all about observation and comprehension skills. Also aimed at testing your Champ’s Math prowess, the entire paper is filled with problem sums that require clear working and number statements to earn the much-deserved marks.

While the same tips on time management, never leaving a question blank and double-checking answers also apply to PSLE Math Paper 2, the ability to identify the right concept upon reading the question can make a world of difference. This can be easily done by having your Champ underline keywords such as names, numbers and phrases like “sum of”, “at first” and “what is left?”. This will allow for the seamless identification of the right method to solve the problem sums.

4. Consider Intensive Preparation Programmes

Enrichment programmes prepare your Champ for the PSLE and the challenging process that is ahead of them. At the MindChamps Enrichment Academy,  our PSLE – The Champion Mindset Way tuition programme ensures Champs are geared up for the actual test conditions. With a full simulated exam for PSLE Math, each three-hour tuition lesson will equip Champs with the relevant exam skills and knowledge and nurture a Champion mindset.

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