5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Study Habits This School Year

January 13, 2020

Studying is a big part of schooling life and acquiring good habits would provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Grasping good study habits from young would also teach kids organisational skills, better focus, and other skills that would help them in all facets of life.

Here, we share with you some ways to improve your kids’ study habits for more effective learning.

1. Maintaining a daily study routine

Kids require stability and having an after-school routine that includes both play and work will allow them to feel well-rested while getting their homework done.

You might need to experiment and work around your child’s current schedules of tuition or primary school enrichment classes. Some kids require rest time after school to recharge while others might want to start soon after in order to keep the rhythm of work.

Having a routine helps prevent tantrums and resistance towards study time as your child would know what to expect. With a regular study schedule, your child will have an easier time preparing for exams too.

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2. Keeping the work area tidy

Kids get distracted easily, and they will find anything to fiddle with to put off studying. Thus, having a tidy workspace would reduce the amount of “fun things” that might keep your child from focusing.

You might also find it more effective to have their desk away from the bed and toys, as the proximity might be too enticing. Having a special space where they can have all their books and materials at hand (or better yet a room) would put them in the “mood” to study once they have settled down.

3. Take effective notes

Studies have shown that we forget almost 40 per cent of new information within 24 hours of acquiring it. To make learning more effective, your child should be actively engaged with the material.

Some kids may prefer more visual representations like mind maps or diagrams, while others might find more wordy notes helpful. Whichever method works best for your child, do encourage him/her to take notes during lessons in school so that he/she can go through them again during study time.

4. Asking for help

This tip may not seem as intuitive as the rest, but it is one of the most important. Most primary school children are too shy to ask for help even in their enrichment classes, so parents need to inculcate the value of not being afraid to ask questions. Clarifying their doubts quickly would also ensure that they have an easier time later.

5. Incorporate creative time into your child’s schedule through primary school enrichment classes

Research has shown that children feel stressed so much easier than adults, and having a packed and academically-driven schedule might not be as effective. Ensuring that your child has time to play and work on their own interests could improve their focus during their study sessions.

Signing them up for primary school enrichment classes such as art, music or dance lessons will also encourage them to express their creativity while providing them with a healthy outlet to express their emotions. Studies have shown that music lessons may be able to improve children’s academic performance in school, particularly their math skills.

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Written by Steffi Wee