5 Ways To Make Learning Chinese Fun In Kindergarten

January 2, 2023

Are you looking for ways to make learning Chinese fun and exciting for your preschooler? We’ve got the perfect tips that will help inspire enthusiasm in your kindergartner as they embark on their journey of mastering the language.

There’s no limit to how easily you can bring a bit of fun into every class. Whether you’re volunteering with your child’s preschool or preparing some home activities, our energising ways will keep things interesting for them while stimulating their interest in the language.

Get ready for fun-filled days of speaking Chinese with your little one when you explore these awesome ideas!

1. Enjoying Chinese Food

First up, tickle their taste buds! Trying out different Chinese foods is a great way for your child to learn about the culture. Not only is it an insight into the history and traditions of China, but it’s also such an exciting adventure to discover new flavours and ingredients.

Begin with the classic Dim Sum. These little bite-sized morsels are made from rice flour, shrimp, pork and vegetables. Or, serve them a plate of General Tso’s chicken for its sweet and spicy soy sauce glaze. Let’s not forget the hot pot filled with protein sources like sliced beef, tofu and fish. Each of these dishes will expose your child to the relevant vocabulary associated with the experience. Teach them the Chinese words and phrases for fish, sliced beef, shrimp and pork, for example, and illustrate how you’d write the characters too.

2. Reading Chinese Labels On Products In Supermarkets

Turn your next grocery run into a learning experience for your preschool child. As the both of you stroll down the aisle, take the time to look at the labels on popular products children tend to run after, such as potato chips, chocolates, gummies and cookies. The packages of these products often come printed with Chinese characters that translate the product names, descriptions and ingredients from English to Mandarin. Pick one of these up and let your child recognise familiar words and phrases, and practise their enunciation.

3. Playing Chinese Games

No kindergartner will ever say no to games. Plus, when you have games like Chinese hangman, memory matching and word bingo, you know your child will be meaningfully occupied for hours.

We personally love the Chinese memory game! You can choose to set it up in one of the two available modes: matching characters with their pinyin pronunciation or with their translations. Either way, your child will be able to familiarise themselves with how each character looks, sounds, and means. They’ll pick up on new vocabulary, taking away a greater understanding of the language at the preschool age. An added bonus? There’s also an element of competition and cooperative learning involved. Whether played in a group or individually, these games can help enhance your child’s confidence in speaking the language. Of course, they’ll need some help while at it, which makes this game a lot more fun as a family pastime!

4. Watching Chinese Cartoons

Every week, grab a warm blanket and some popcorn, and cuddle up with your child in front of the TV to feast your eyes on some cute cartoon shows. They’ll be exposed to words they may have never heard before, while learning proper grammar usage when the words are stringed into sentences.

Of course, any Chinese show would do the trick, but with children, you know that cartoons work best at captivating their attention. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good cartoon show? Also, since cartoons tend to have simplistic yet impactful stories, their young minds won’t feel overwhelmed. Turn on Boonie Bears on YouTube that’ll teach your child about life in nature; switch over to the 12-minute episodes of Big-Eared Tu Tu for some light-hearted stories on school and family; or revel in the adventures of Pororo filled with cute voices and crisp dialogues that’ll be easy for your preschool child to understand.

5. Listening to Chinese Music

Music is a powerful tool for children to learn new words and phrases and help in memorising and retaining them. Go for Chinese classics like The Moon Represents My Heart or nursery songs such as I Have A Pair of Hands and One Penny. Whatever you choose, they’ll create positive experiences which can nurture your child’s natural curiosity and help them discover the joy of learning the language.

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