How MindChamps @ Bedok’s Nursery and Kindergarten Curriculum Prepares your Child for P1

July 10, 2018

While nursery is a fun, relaxing time for children to play and interact with others, it is still a crucial stepping-stone for them. A strong foundation during the early years will aid kids in their later schooling years and help them get ahead.

Here are some ways how MindChamps’ nursery programme @ Bedok prepares nursery and kindergarten children for Primary School.

Putting a spin on classes to promote creative thinking

The approach of the Bedok Kindergarten curriculum is based on the concept of the ‘3 Minds’ – the Champion Mind, the Learning Mind and the Creative Mind. Under the development of their “creative mind”, children are taught theatrical skills and practices to apply to their daily lives.

Young children learn best through play as they do not have the attention span for reading complicated books. The MindChamps PreSchool curriculum is designed to engage young minds and inspire them to think out of the box. This helps them to put a spin on things like compositions and methods of learning later in primary school.

Strong Focus on Character Development in the Bedok Nursery

Apart from encouraging creativity in the children, there is also a strong focus on character development. The MindChamps Wishing Tree is one of the preschool’s initiatives to inculcate the core value of ‘Heart’, as children are encouraged to make wishes for others rather than for themselves. This helps them to be more mindful of showing compassion towards people and the environment around them, thus helping them become socially responsible citizens.

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A focused curriculum which prepares them for the future

However, it is not all play at MindChamps Bedok as it also features a very strong academic curriculum. According to Janice Lim, Deputy Director of Curriculum & Training (Early Childhood) at MindChamps, children in the kindergarten levels are introduced to English and Mathematical concepts based on the primary one syllabus.

In the P1 Preparation programme, kindergarten children will be taught concepts through concrete and hands-on activities before empowering them to attempt worksheets. They will also get to visit a Primary School and go through the motions of a morning assembly, as well as simulations of the primary one classroom and role-playing the different parts of the primary school.

An ever-changing curriculum

Classroom activities at the kindergarten in Bedok are also adapted based on the needs of children. Fun activities are purposefully crafted into the various learning zones – Dramatic, Construction, Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Art & Craft. These activities would be planned to meet the individual learning needs based on the teachers’ observations and reflections. Children are also engaged in physical activities through the NeuroMooves™ programme, which uses coordinated cross-lateral movements to help them develop gross motor skills, musical intelligence and more.

In general, the ‘3-Minds’ builds the Champion Mindset in children, helping them to cultivate effective learning behaviours and develop an innovative outlook. This empowers them to find solutions when faced with tricky tasks and to solve their own problems. The curriculum lays the foundation which will help them through the pressure-filled years of primary school.

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Written by Steffi Wee


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