Building a Strong Foundation with Primary 1 English Enrichment Classes

January 19, 2023

As the main medium of instruction in Singapore’s education system, English as an academic subject holds greater importance than many parents realise. Not only is English used to teach Mathematics, Science and other non-language subjects at school, the syllabus of said subjects also often require students to be well versed with the nuances of the English language to answer questions effectively and accurately. It is therefore crucial that Primary 1 students quickly establish a strong foundation in English — be it through tuition, enrichment classes, or self-study — such that they can do well for not just their English examinations, but that of their other primary school subjects as well.

At MindChamps Enrichment Academy, we understand how challenging it can be for students to adapt to a new curriculum and pick up more advanced concepts as they progress through their academics. Our Primary 1 enrichment programmes are thus curated to facilitate a smoother transition for children entering primary school. Here’s a peek into how MindChamps Primary 1 English enrichment classes can help your child build a strong foundation for academic success:

Grammar Proficiency

A strong command of grammar proficiency is vital to mastering the English language. At MindChamps Enrichment Academy, children are first taught essential grammar rules for writing and reading comprehension. This includes familiarising Primary 1 students with subject-verb agreements, the integral concept of tenses, and knowledge of how to apply and interpret both nouns and pronouns.

This way, Primary 1 students attending MindChamps’ English enrichment classes are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge they need to establish a strong base for eventual grammar mastery, through intimate and accurate understanding of basic grammatical rules along with their various contextual uses.

Writing Technique

MindChamps English enrichment classes also help Primary 1 students develop useful writing techniques. These techniques centre around the artful leveraging of logical structure and varied vocabulary when writing, such that your child can form more meaningful sentences that flow naturally from line to line.

One other area in which Primary 1 students can benefit from with MindChamps English enrichment classes is spelling accuracy. Our Primary 1 students are taught how to spell one-syllable words the way they sound, alongside other short words that are spelled slightly differently from how they are pronounced. This helps them form a more expansive library of words they can confidently pull from when writing, despite not having formally learned certain words by heart.

Conversational Skills

Primary 1 students enrolled in MindChamps’ English enrichment classes will also acquire basic conversational skills and boosted self-confidence in multiple various speaking contexts. Our trainers will guide each child in their personal pursuit of the necessary skills that will empower them to be a confident and purposeful speaker all around.

Not only will this help your child score better on their English oral tests and examinations, but it also sets them up to become more efficient communicators that can assimilate more from subject-agnostic learning processes and build stronger relationships.

Reading Ability

Lastly, our English enrichment classes at MindChamps imbues children with the oral and comprehension skills necessary to read passages aloud with intent and conviction, while also internalising what the text means and implies. Our Primary 1 students are constantly encouraged to actively engage with what they read, through inferential questions that sharpen comprehension skills and deliberate drawing out and dissection of a passage’s vocabulary and storyline.

Taking it a Step Further with the Art of Learning

Knowing how to learn is as important as the act of learning itself. At MindChamps, we thoroughly believe in this philosophy, and that equipping children with the skills, attitudes and values needed to master the art of learning should be done at as early a stage as possible,

That is why we have the Art of Learning Primary 1 & 2 programme in place of orthodox tuition classes, which interweaves proprietary learning techniques — such as the Optimal Flow Method™ — with school-taught concepts. Our students thus enjoy holistic enrichment with regards to both subject-based skills and learning approaches, for not just the subject of English, but Mathematics, Science, and Chinese as well.

Learn more about our Art of Learning curriculum, and find a MindChamps Enrichment Academy Learning Centre near you.