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MindChamps Bukit Merah

After our journey into a typical day for toddlers in playgroup at MindChamps Bukit Merah, a childcare centre near Redhill, let’s take a peek at the childcare for our Nursery students.

Building on what your child has learnt in playgroup, once your child begins Nursery 1, he or she will be introduced to numbers as well as sounds and letters of the alphabet to start reading simple words and participate in storytelling.

This part of childcare foster further development of language, communication and vocabulary through exploration, sensory and tangible stimulations.

In accordance with The Three Minds model and the MindChamps Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, the Nursery curriculum during childcare is chockfull of engaging, age-appropriate learning activities and interactive lessons, with no trace of boring drills and rote-learning.

Let’s step into the centre to see what the Nursery students are up to during childcare!

A Typical Day in the Life of a Nursery Student at MindChamps Bukit Merah

After a nutritious breakfast is served at 8:30 in the morning, children take part in Connecting-as-One and Champs’ Discovery at 9:15, where they sit on a mat and sing cheerful songs to start off their morning.
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This is followed by MindGym at 10:45, which takes place in a vibrant indoor gym equipped with play structures and safety padding so that students can freely demonstrate their motor skills and enjoy an active start to the day at childcare.

English Lessons

On Tuesdays from 9:15 to 11:15, Champs have MindChamps Reading & Writing programme.

Through nursery-appropriate learning methods such as the Say and Sing approach, children acquire phonemic and phonics awareness and a solid foundation for life-long reading and writing.

Our childcare teachers use creative ways to make English lessons as dynamic and engaging as possible to tap into various learning styles. When the letter of the week was X, the students embarked on a fun treasure hunt with clues to find the letter X in the childcare centre.

Following that, they learned what sound X makes and which words start with X, before delving into a creative project that incorporated this letter.

Encouraging Table Manners and Independence

Morning snack is served at 11:15, a good time to practice table manners, although most childcare students are usually already accustomed to feeding themselves at their seats.

Bath time is another opportunity to encourage their independence.

By now they are very familiar with the bath time routine, so they know, without prompting, to place their clean clothes and towel on a mini stool, and then to put their dirty clothes in plastic bags by themselves.

Although these tasks sound simple, it teaches children to practice self-care and responsibility from a young age during childcare.

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The Love for Chinese Language (Part 1)

Chinese lesson runs from 11:45 until 12:20 to help young Champs cultivate a love of learning to speak Chinese fluently.

Children sing, recite, and reenact stories and rhymes with entertaining props.

As a part of the Fairytales theme, children read The Three Little Pigs.

To help them comprehend the feel and weight of the different materials the pigs used to build their houses, the teacher prepared similar real-life props such as dried leaves (to represent straw), twigs, and a heavy block to emulate a brick.

Lunch Time!

At 12:30 it is lunch time, when the children sit in little groups and feed themselves. They are free to sit with whomever they like. This part of childcare helps them to be sociable and take the initiative to befriend their fellow classmates.

In Nursery, children start brushing their teeth after lunch, a way for them to practice proper hygiene.

Power Naps

Nap time at the childcare centre commences from 1 to 3. Once they wake up, they queue for the toilet and then have a healthy and yummy afternoon snack.

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The Love for Chinese Language (Part 2)

The afternoon Chinese lesson is a reinforcement activity in childcare to ensure a deeper understanding of what was taught in the morning session.

At the Nursery stage, children begin learning the strokes for writing characters and they are able to form simple Chinese words.

Enrichment Classes during Childcare

Music for the Mind™, NeuroMooves™, and Creative and Theatrical Strategies™ are enrichment programmes incorporated in MindChamps’ unique curriculum during childcare, backed by over a decade of research and development in the 3 domains of Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre.

A combination of the core academic programmes with these enrichment programmes ensures that all aspects of your child are nurtured to help him or her reach full learning potential.

In one of the Creative and Theatrical Strategies classes, the teacher reads a story then asks the Nursery class to transform the space in the room to represent a road trip. Through teamwork, the students created a path using chairs, then moved along the path and pretended to be in cars going on a trip.

Learning to Cook

Gourmet Moments takes place from 3:45 to 4:45, allowing students to explore their culinary interests and potential. One of the most exciting projects they took on was making mooncakes to tie in with the Mid-Autumn festival.

At 5:00, it’s Free Expression time for the kids until they go home – and get ready for more fun and learning at school the next day!

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Highlights and Excursions

A recent highlight for the Nursery class at MindChamps Bukit Merah was an exciting excursion to Kidzania. Outings are a way to enforce what students are learning.

Another time, the nursery class held a fundraising event for a special needs school during Children’s Day. Besides celebrating themselves, they recognised the importance of helping others.

With a food fair, game stations, and bubble and temporary tattoo booths, the fundraising event was a success. Not only were they delighted by how their hard work had paid off, they inspired their teachers as well.

The trust and confidence that the Champs have for me is my greatest inspiration. I believe that all of them deserve to be a Champion,
– MindChamps Bukit Merah Principal, Sandrine Teo.

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